Thousand Word Thursday

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Torture device and the reason for no post this morning


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Random thoughts on a Friday

1. I love watching Princess Girl and her friends enjoy their final year of high school. Some of those kids are serious HAMS for the camera!

2. I am glad the stretches the OT gave me are taking the edge off of the pain in my thumb/wrist. I can’t wait to be healed!

3. Don’t ever disparage me or the organization I am the president to our community members of when you are in the wrong.

4. Very busy weekend planned! Football, fill-in bartending for a friend, a surprise birthday party, cheer practice and maybe fill-in bartending again.

5. Dead beat dads make me want to vomit. I’d love to send Princess Girl’s to jail for all the money that he owes.

6. The boat is out of the water, cleaned up and put away for the season. I miss it already.

7. Some where this weekend I need to find time to fill the hot tub. At least we have that to look forward to since boating is done.

8. Gourd bowling is fun! So is having a gourd fairy leave surprise gourds on the mailbox!

9. I have committed Princess Girl to completing her college applications this weekend. Yikes!

10. I am astounded by all the Christmas/New Year’s conceived people I know. There have been nearly thirty birthdays in the last week and a half!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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Thousand Word Thursday

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So here we are

Ligaments of wrist. Posterior and anterior views

Ligaments of wrist. Posterior and anterior views (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the midst of another lull in posts. Aside, of course from my lovely picture on Thursday of my dual wrist braces.

And that brings me to what I’ve determined is the cause of this most recent lack of posts.

I have two co-worker friends that have recently added me to their feed readers. It is fabulous to have two new regular readers of my blog!


The topics that have been high on my list to write about recently have been about work. Mostly about work frustrations. But I have these two regular readers who sit a short distance from me Monday through Friday in that same work environment.

So I censored myself.

Please do not think the frustrations were about these two individuals. They definitely were not. (Hi D, Hi H! <waves>) They were about people they know and situations we are working in together. So I didn’t write the posts. I did not put the information out to the public about how I was feeling.

And I’m okay with that. I probably needed to process the issues internally. I needed to deal with them, not just vent my frustrations out to the world.

Now we come back to the topic of my wrist braces. This is also a work issue. But I am going to talk about it. I moved cubicles a couple months ago. The cube I moved into had a broken keyboard tray. My manager asked me to try working without it and see how it went.

After a short amount of time, I knew this was not going to work for me. I asked her to order a new tray. She sent the request to our department assistant. Our department assistant who thinks that every penny spent in the department comes out of her own pocket. Our department assistant who has screwed fellow co-workers out of hundreds of dollars because she was not willing to book travel in a timely manner when those co-workers were intending to add vacation with their families on to the front or back of a work trip. Our department assistant who dictates what we have access to at our desks.

More than a month later I asked for an update since there was still no tray.

More than a month after that I asked again. Still no tray.

More than three months later. After having to ask more than three times. I was complaining of wrist and thumb pain. Pain that was getting worse and worse.

Suddenly, three days later I had a new tray.

However, after three months of waiting the damage was done. Now I am living with debilitating pain. Pain that is forcing me to change my life and that does not allow me to do things I am used to doing.

Things like turning the dial on my portable heater. Things like golf. Things like picking up my water bottle.

I did not want to file a claim with work comp, but I had no choice. I could not live like this any longer. So now I am wearing braces on both wrists and have at least a month of Occupational Therapy ahead of me.

I wonder how she feels about all of these expenses coming out of her precious budget.

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Thousand Word Thursday


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Best Homecoming ever!

Or at least that is the consensus I have heard from Princess Girl and her friends (via Re-tweets).

The weather for the parade was fabulous.

The half time dance by Princess Girl and the other cheer leaders was very good.

Decorating for the dance and hair prep went off without a hitch. There was even time for a nap (although everyone and their brother decided to call, message or talk to me in MY nap window).

Pictures were very nice. Thank you very much to Princess Girl’s friend and her parents who invited such a large group into their home for snacks, pictures and champagne punch (for the grown-ups only of course)!

Princess Girl said dinner was good. And her vegetarian date even found something to eat (after it was re-made sans bacon).

And the dance? The best ever! Very cute picture backdrop. No complaints about music choices. No major dress malfunctions. With the exception of the accidental elbow to the eye Princess Girl smiled the entire evening.

We were truly blessed with a fabulous weekend for this, our final, Homecoming dance.

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