There’s no such thing as coincidence

I stopped by my friend Candice’s house this evening. Actually, I was there to pick up her daughter who is slumber-partying with us tonight. We haven’t talked much this summer what with the surgery at our house and the crazy summer schedule she’s keeping this year. We have both let our contact slide. Just a quick “how’s it going?” phone call now and again. If you can call 25 minutes quick… I know this is not the right way to carry on a friendship, but what do you do? Thankfully we both understand our (mostly my) busy schedules.

 As I was getting ready to get in the car with one extra kid, I happened to mention that I had started a blog. You know, sly and casual. Not trying to get my readership up in any way. Not me. Never happen. Well, you could have blown me over with a feather when her response was, “Me too!” We giddily exchanged blog addresses. Wait. Now that I think about it, SHE is the only one who gave out a blog address. I was apparently too dumbfounded to share mine. I’ll have to email it to her tonight.

 Maybe deep in my subconscious, this was a way to make sure we keep in touch more. Yeah, I’m going with that.

 I couldn’t wait to get home to check out her blog. Candejo is one of the most gifted, talented women I know. I frequently sport one or more of the purses or pieces of jewelry she’s made me over the course of the years. Every time I do, all the girls at work want to know where I’ve gotten my new purse, or if I made my necklace myself. It gives a girl a glow to get all that attention. It’s even better when I can recommend my friend for their handcrafted needs.

 I chuckled out loud; yes I chuckle, when I saw that she too, only had one blog linked from hers. Would you believe it is the same ONE I have? Funny how that works with friends, isn’t it? But now I can proudly say I have two blogs I like. I have officially added to my Blogs I like.

 Even better that I like the author, too.


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