Let them eat frosting.

Today is my Mom’s birthday, although she claims to have stopped having them the year I turned 25. My blackberry calendar said her birthday started at 7pm yesterday. I’m not sure if this was in order to give me time to shop for a gift, or if the phone thought Mom needed an extra five hours to party. My vote is on the need for extra gift searching time.

Every year at Christmas time she says that my daughter, who would like everything from Dora flash cards to a new ipod, and wants everything from new flip flops to a laptop, is impossible to shop for. She obviously has this backwards. My daughter is a piece of cake. Mom is the impossible one. Especially when you consider I have already had to suffer through shopping for Mother’s day and her 25th wedding anniversary this year.

Speaking of cake, Deb over at http://www.mundanejane.com would say, today is my Mom’s Corndog Day. This must be a tradition unique to Deb and her circle of friends and family. Either that or they are harder up for excitement in the South than I ever thought. Since earlier this week Mom confessed to stopping at McDonald’s for the first time in an age or more, I doubt that a corndog is what she would choose as her celebratory dessert. And she doesn’t like cake.

Anyone ever do a feasibility study on a cake made solely of frosting? Probably not a good idea. And I don’t like frosting.

Happy Birthday Mom!


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    Deb said,

    10 years ago, I began taking myself out for a corndog at lunch on my birthday (I was working at a university, we were out of school for the holidays, and so there were no coworkers to say, “Let’s go to lunch to celebrate your birthday!”) Rather than feel all lonely and pathetic, I decided to embrace it, and celebrate with the lowliest of food–the corndog. Eventually, word got out, and Corndog Day was born.

    All of which, I guess, proves your theory that excitement is sometimes hard to come by in the South.

    Thanks for the linkage Amy, and good luck with your blog.

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