Hold on tight, it’s going to be a wild ride.

moneyI registered Princess Girl for high school this week. Gulp. I am not going to say I can’t believe it or I am not old enough to have this happen to me… only because I have spent the last two months preparing myself for this momentous event. I’m even okay with the fact that she will be enrolled in Driver’s Ed in the spring. Really. I am perfectly fine with it. See, I have convinced myself that having driver’s education this early will allow her to practice her driving skills all next summer in nice weather before she is eligible to drive on her own. Please do not ruin this illusion.

I knew there would be an increase in fees when moving from middle school to high school. I thought I was ready, and budget-wise I was. I am pretty sure the feeling I have right now, though is sticker shock.

Let’s review, shall we?

We first came to the table for Yearbook sign ups. $70. Check. Well, not literally. This is a deferred payment. At least now I know it is coming. Next is the table with new PE shirts. That’s Physical Education for those of you not in the know. It is a 5 point deduction for the day if you call it gym. The last time I shelled out for a PE shirt was sixth grade. Please get the medium size, it will last longer. Along with the PE shirts are a new lanyard for her ID card and a new sports bag. Her current bag is too small to hold all the necessary items. Then quit growing, would ya? Check, check and check. $43.

After this initiation into high school costs, we move to the bus schedule line. I breathed a sigh of relief here. We are in a rural school district and busing is included in my taxes? The registration fees? Gambling revenue? Anyway, it is not an additional charge. We do however; spend approximately 20 minutes standing in front of the two women in charge of the bus schedule while they try to find Princess Girl on the schedule. They find everyone in the entire district but her. After this agonizing, fruitless search they decide to send us to the next station. They will keep looking and call when they find her. Great.

While they were flipping pages back and forth and back and forth, I had snuck to the next station and deposited money in the lunch account. Princess Girl had ended the previous school year with a whopping $1.40 in her lunch account. That’s not likely to get her far. $50 added. Check. We then work our way into the office. Here we will pay the choir fee, communication fee, Driver’s Ed fee, book rental fee, and the PE lock fee. Check, check, check, and check. $155.

Then there are extra-curricular activities. Princess Girl is a sporty kid. AND, she is developing an interest in Drama/Speech. The school has a limit of extra-curricular fees; a family will max out at four per year. She has already made the Football cheer squad. I wonder how many of these I will have to pay for now. Yay! For now, it is only one. With changing interests and injuries they only have you pay for the current activity. $50. Check. We have one final station to complete. It is time for the sports physical. We are fortunate enough that two local physicians donate their time one night each year during school registration and perform sports physicals for all the kids who show up for $10. Check.

Finally, we were through. Oh. Wait. As a devoted mom I am going to want to support Princess Girl by attending the activities in which she participates. One adult activity pass. $70. One Last Check.

She wonders why she is an only child.


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