The adventure begins.

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We went to Adventureland on Sunday. The first words out of Princess Girl’s mouth as we approached the turn-style were, “It looks like they are trying to be like Disney”. She’s right. And can you blame them? Disney invented theme park theming. I explained to her this park does have a very similar concept to Disney’s Magic Kingdom with the layout of the different ‘Lands’. Within a few more minutes she exclaimed, “We have to come here more often. It makes me think of Disney. I love thinking of Disney!” Me too, Princess Girl. Me too.

Alas, Adventureland is not Disney. The park in Altoona, Iowa is but a fraction of the size of Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Florida. We had a blast riding rides and people watching. But we were able to ride ALL the rides, even the little dragons in under six hours. Well, I did draw the line and tell her she could not ride the Chuck Wagon. And that included stopping for lunch! This left us with an additional six hours to revisit which ever rides we wanted. We were in amusement park heaven.

While she was taking her fifth spin in the Silly Silo, I had opted out after the second or third go-round, I decided to check the radar on my phone. (Have I mentioned before how much I love technology?) The clouds to the west were looking a little ominous. Holy crap! That’s it Princess Girl, pick one more ride and we are out of here. We’ll head to the hotel. If it storm passes we will come back, but the radar headed this way is RED.

They had stopped running the Tornado due to lightening flashes in the distance. Irony anyone? So we opted for one last ride on the Himalaya. It does not go up in the air; it would not be affected by distant lightening. The ride started. The rain started. The ride stopped. The rain did not stop. It was a torrential downpour. Everything in the park was closing up; at least until the rain let up. There were people huddled under every overhang trying to wait out the storm. I was not up for squishing semi-dry into a four foot space with 20 sweaty strangers. I told Princess Girl we would go to the hotel, dry off and eat dinner. We would reevaluate the weather situation then.

So we started walking toward the park entrance. Although smaller than Disney, Adventureland is a good sized amusement park. Did I mention that the Himalaya is at the back of the park? Half way to the front, Princess Girl and I are pretty wet and our feet are soaked. At the front gate, we are completely wet on the outside but are both able to find a dry spot on our layered tank tops to dry our arm for the return stamp. By the time we trek to our car we are soaked clear through. There is not a dry millimeter on either of us. The three dollars I had stuck loose inside the sling bag I was carrying were dripping wet.

Back at the hotel, every article of clothing we had been wearing, and our shoes, went into the hotel dryer. We were thankful we had each brought an extra outfit with us on the trip, just in case. Warm and dry with pizza delivery ordered, Princess Girl declared the walk in the rain and getting drenched one of her favorite parts of the day.

 It really is the little things.

 image, our first ride of the day.
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    Heath said,

    I have to say I really enjoyed reading this. It brought back memories of when I was a teenager a friend and I got caught in a rain storm at Great America. We were in the line to get on a ride that involved using tires to stop. Lets just say that wet car tires on the pavement have the same affect on the metal bottom of a ride. It was a scary 15 minutes for all of the lucky passengers on at that time. Enjoyed reading good job.

  2. 2

    Wulfgar said,

    Seems like Princess Girl is one smart cookie. Like your blog..found it on the forum. I, like you, do not like the new wordpress homepage. Maybe they’ll listen.
    Peace to you,

  3. 3

    […] The adventure begins. ( […]

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