If you are looking for me, I’ll be at The Tug

Women's tug 2008

Women's tug 2008

Every region in the country has its own sites to see or festivals to attend that make them unique. Here in the Midwest we have things like the Field of Dreams and Door County for your rural interests. Then there is Chicago and St. Louis for your big city needs. On a smaller scale each community in this area has their own special interests that they play on to attract visitors. Within a small radius of where I live throughout the summer you can attend numerous events catering to the specialties of small towns. There is the annual Rubarb Festival in Aledo, IL, home town of Suzy Bogguss. You can also attend Hog Days in Kewanee, IL.

But really, if you are looking for the end-all be-all fest of the summer you should join me this weekend for the one, the only, tug of war across the Mississippi River. That’s right. My small town combines with another small town from across the river and holds TugFest (and the rival site from Iowa). All river traffic is stopped along this stretch of the river for three hours on Saturday afternoon while ten teams of 20 men and one team of 25 women ‘play’ tug of war across the Mighty Mississippi.

There are carnival rides on both sides of the river beginning on Thursday evening. Le Claire and Port Byron pool their funds to create the BEST fireworks display of the summer on Friday night. Of course Saturday is the actual Tug and a bike show. Sunday concludes the activities with the Warren Sutton annual golf tournament to benefit the school Booster club. There are many more events throughout the weekend for your entertainment outlined on the website(s).

What it really means is Princess Girl and I will be spending the next three to four days ‘festing it up’ just down the road. She can’t wait to see all her school friends. A whole weekend before school starts! It is their last summer hurrah. It is a time for me to unwind close to home. It is a chance for me to catch up with the school parents I have not seen all summer. And to have a drink with those high school classmate who live in town that I haven’t seen since the reunion. And, really, The Tug is just cool to watch. You have to cheer on those guys and gals, they are pulling for your home state. Beside which, my sister is going to pull this year. Brave, silly girl.

Amy reminded me during reunion weekend that we never attended The Tug back when we were in high school. In fact you would have been hard pressed to even find us within a 10 mile radius. It’s funny how your perspective changes with time. I think we even convinced her to visit next year during Tug.

See ya on the Levee!

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    Princess Girl said,

    Does that mean I will be Silly when I pull? Go Port Byron!

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