Some people’s kids.

See no Evil

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Blog post ideas are harder to come by than one would imagine. Candice suggested I do a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post each week by posting a humorous picture for that day. She had seen something similar on another blog. The idea intrigued me.  So like a good little egg I went off to Google and searched. I immediately found the original blog for Wordless Wednesdays. They have an open invitation for anyone to join in on their Wordless Wednesday fun. It seems that the idea was so popular that they have gone wordless for every day of the week. Any day you would like to go wordless and be linked back from their site you can do so. There was only one problem. The site loaded so slowly and bogged down my PC so much I would never want to direct my readers to their site for fear of how their own PCs may respond. And I don’t want to use their gimmick and wordplay without some credit given to them. (You can Google it yourself at your own risk – I will not be linking it here.)

That left me to come up with my own catchy alliteration for a weekly blog picture post. I did some additional Google searches and copious brainstorming for rhyming words, most of it out loud. Thank goodness Princess Girl was visiting her grandmother. She might have tried to have me committed. Do you know there are very few words that are true rhymes for the days of the week? Finally, I settled on – at least for the next five minutes – Thousand Word Thursday. Get it? A picture’s worth a thousand words?

Now that I had a name I needed to get to finding all these hilarious pictures I planned to regale you with.

(Sidebar: Can someone not from the Midwest please teach me how to write without ending my sentences with a preposition. I know you are not supposed to do it – I was an English major for crying out loud. But for the life of me I cannot properly construct a sentence as in the one above without doing it. I’ve been told it is a Midwest thing.)

Of course back to Google I go. I know I have made plain my affection for the magic and mystique that is Google. My feelings for Google Images were slightly lower on the coolness scale. But only slightly. Google Images has assisted with Princess Girl’s homework, with blog posts and with general entertainment in our home. I knew I would find the perfect picture there to be the inaugural post for Thousand Word Thursday.

That was until I actually typed in a search. And then what I found is that people are really and truly and offensively crass and exploitative in the pictures they post on the internet of their children. Really. And truly. Several of the pictures that came up on my first search were so offensive to me I had to walk away (and write this blog post).

I will likely follow through with the Thousand Word Thursday post idea. I will likely continue to find the images I will post through Google Images. The pictures will, hopefully, be funny. They may be about kids. But I may have to set my SafeSearch setting to Strict to do so.

These are your children people. Have some respect.

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