Weeping over a willow.


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The neighbors had their weeping willow tree cut down this past week. I don’t know why. It seemed to be a perfectly beautiful willow to me. And I am somewhat of a connoisseur of willow trees. They grow so large and seem so graceful with their bowed limbs. I have often wondered how a tree could look so imposing and gentle at the same time.

 I have been partial to willow trees since I was a little girl. There was an enormous willow in the side yard of my great grandmother’s house when I was growing up. I spent hours under that tree. Playing wiffle ball. Telling secrets. Hiding from the boy cousins. That willow knew everything about me from the age of six to about twelve. That is where my willow love began.

Having a willow next door was almost as good as having one of my own. I could see it from my kitchen window each time I stood at the sink to rinse a dish or prepare a meal. It gave me a feeling of peace and remembrance every time I drove past it down the driveway. I appreciated the shade it provided as I trudged by with my wheelbarrows full of yard waste on my way to the burn pile.

I have no idea how old the tree was, but it wasn’t a spindly little newcomer. That grandmother willow’s trunk had to have been at least three feet in diameter. The absence makes their yard look twice as spacious as it did before. Now, when I stand at my sink I have a direct view of their garage. I wonder if they will replace it with another tree. I will have to ask them the next time I see them.

While we are on the subject of trees, I have to admit I have a neighborhood tree issue. It is a shame that while they had the tree service here the neighbors to my right didn’t offer to share the service with our neighbors behind us. The neighbors behind us have the most ridiculous looking tree in their yard that I have ever seen. I don’t have clue one as to what type of tree it really is. I call it a weeping pine. And it is weeping because it such a sad specimen of a tree. Seriously. Here it is, judge for yourself.


It has looked like that for as long as I have lived here. Well, it has grown some. And bent over further. It looks like the old woman in the shoe bowed over from the weight of carrying all her kids around. If you had a tree in your yard that looked like this wouldn’t you do something about it? I know, I know, I don’t have any room to be the one to talk about the state of someone else’s yard. But I feel sorry for this tree. This unfortunate tree is just begging someone to help it stand up on its own or put it out of its misery.

Maybe I’m wrong. I’m not a horticulturist. Maybe it is supposed to look this way. But the poor thing makes my heart hurt just looking at it. A grand, majestic weeping willow it is not.


RIP grandmother willow. You will be missed.





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