It must be botany week.

Forsythia x intermedia

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Last fall my aunt and uncle stopped by my house; I can’t even remember why now. To loan me a tool? On their way home from somewhere else? I do know that they did not come inside. We stood in the yard/driveway chatting briefly, and then they left. The reason I know they did not come inside when I have no clue why they were there is the conversation we had. 

My aunt was looking around the yard and commented on the row of bushes that line the street. “Oh, you have forsythia. I love how they look when they flower.” Flower? These bushes don’t flower. I have never seen hint one of a flower on any of them. She told me the likely culprit of the lack of flowers was the way I had been trimming them. She added she had seen other people trim them occasionally, but mostly they let them grow as they will and they are full of brilliant yellow flowers in the spring.

A couple months after that visit I came home from work to find someone had perpetrated a hit-and-run on three of these bushes. There were flurries in the air. And maybe a scant quarter of an inch of snow on the ground. Apparently someone, I am guessing a high school kid, was going too fast headed toward the stop sign and slid on the snow. They used the left half of three of my bushes to save themselves. To the detriment of my poor forsythia bushes. For the remainder of the winter they looked just like someone had driven through them. Huh, go figure.

Once spring arrived and the snow melted I could better assess the damage to them. Yikes. I hauled away broken limbs, but I did not trim them. There were a few limbs that had been damaged, but not completely torn off. I hoped that leaving them alone would allow them time to heal. Maybe I could save what was left of them.

And then, wouldn’t you know it, as I was mowing around them late this past spring I noticed little yellow flowers on those broken limbs. Oh look how pretty they are! I want all seven of these bushes to flower like that. So I didn’t trim the others either.

The lack of trimming was not so obvious at first. A stray branch here. An errant limb there. As the summer has worn on, these lovely green beauties have grown, and grown, and grown. There are branches sticking up three to four feet above the tops of what once was a lovingly trimmed bush. I am sure the neighbors are wondering what exactly I am going for with this new look.

I’m telling you now, these puppies better flower next spring. Because right now they look like Buckwheat. You know, from Little Rascals. Judge for yourself: 



























See? See! My neighbors must think I’m a nut.

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    Candejo said,

    hahahahaha…I wondered, just was afraid to ask. Thanks for the morning giggle!

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