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Ever have one of those days? The kind you blame on the full moon or a change in the barometric pressure? Just when you think you’ve hit your stride, you find what you’ve actually hit is a crack in the sidewalk. And you find yourself flat on your face. This is where I am today. I tried to come up with an interesting floral or landscaping topic for the third and final installation of botany week. But I’ve got to tell you… I got nuttin’.

Diane suggested I write about the amazing fact that my mom’s mother-in-law’s tongue flowered this year. Who knew mother-in-law’s tongue flowered?? I sure didn’t. Until this year anyway. Mom thought her plants had gotten weed infested after she split them into new pots this year. Then she took a closer look and found the ‘weeds’ were flowers. I wasn’t the only one who did not know these lovely plants flowered. She astounded everyone with her flowering plants. There were a couple problems with this topic. One, I couldn’t find the funny. And two, I never took pictures of the flowering mother-in-law’s tongue to provide as evidence.

Then I thought of writing more about my lawn mowing escapades. But honestly, I am sick of mowing this year. I live in the Midwest. My grass was supposed to be dead and brown two months ago, not green and flourishing and needing to be mowed every week. Funny lawn mowing posts will have to wait until next spring when it is fresh and new again.

Then I thought about posting about Princess Girl. Technically her name is floral. I could probably think of some outdoor/floral/botany type thing she’s done recently. I already have a post brewing about her in my mind. But even this was too much of a stretch of the topic for me. Scratch that topic off this week’s list, too.

So what you are left with today, folks, is a blog post all about what I choose not to blog about today. Thank goodness it’s Friday. Maybe I’ll be funny again on Monday.

Have a great three day weekend. 


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