My own version of Chinese water torture.

A golf ball directly before the hole

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Golf season is over. It was evident at the end our golf outing this week we won’t have enough daylight left to golf after work any more this year. Believe it or not, I miss it already. Now, don’t get me wrong. Learning to golf ranks right up there in the top 5 most frustrating things I have ever tried to do. Ever. But, dang we have fun while we are doing it.

How could we not be having fun laughing hysterically as my tee flies out of the tee box and my ball doesn’t? Or when my golf companions decide it must be my left-handed feet that are on backwards that cause my ball to go far far FAR to the right when my toes really were pointed left. We have enjoyed unwinding, having a few drinks, and chasing that little ball all over the course. You know, you get more for your money when you use the entire course.

There are approximately a million little things to learn and remember in perfecting your golf swing. My five-minute lesson before my first round was almost enough to get me started. But I learned over the course of the last six weeks. And I practiced. I never scored as badly as I did that first round again. Although one round was pretty close. I even got into the 80’s on one round!

At least once during each round I wondered aloud whether I would do better with left-handed clubs. My brain really is wired that way. Was I torturing myself trying to learn this complicated and difficult game wrong handed? At one point during our last outing I threatened to make everyone else try to golf a whole round with lefty clubs. Let them feel the frustration I was living through.

Sitting at the picnic table adding our score cards at the end of the round this week Dawn and the other girls were giving suggestions on where to rent or try out left-handed clubs before next season starts. Then she says, “You know, a lot of courses will rent clubs.” The owner of the course walked out of the clubhouse just then. Dawn raised her voice and asked him if they have rental clubs here. He answered in the affirmative. She inquired further by asking if they have left-handed clubs to rent? Women’s? Yes and Yes to both. Now for the most important piece of information. How much is the club rental.

And that is when it happens, folks. This is the moment when I ask myself if all this golf torture has been someone’s idea of a joke. A really bad joke.

He hesitates for a brief moment. Then he answered, “Two or three dollars. Oh, it might be four.”

TWO. Or THREE. DOLLARS. Are you freaking kidding me? For less than the cost of a happy meal I could have at least TRIED left-handed clubs?

“I never even thought to ask if they had lefty clubs here,” my golf mates all say as they laugh at the incredulous look on my face.

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