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PG_on_phone_at_DisneyI love Princess Girl’s name. I should, I chose it. Well, my Mom gets the credit for thinking of it, but really, I do love it. I mean what’s not to love? It suits her. It is uncommon, but not made up. It flows nicely when you use all three parts. And it’s green. For those that know me, you know that right there is the bee’s knees of any name that could be chosen.

So why don’t I use it? Her name that is. I have come to realize that unless I am talking about her to someone else, I rarely, if ever, use her given name. The one I chose. Instead, I use one of approximately 10 nicknames, or some derivative of a nickname.

Do other people have lots and lots of nicknames that stick? My step-dad has two. He’s been Red or Tater for longer than I have been around. My Mom used to call me Bo-Bo, but hasn’t in at least 30 years. My sister’s nickname didn’t stick past her first year. My kid has about 10. Is this a reflection on me? On my name choosing?

Some of these I take the blame/credit for. When she was born she was small, like a peanut. She then became my Little Peanut (1) or Peanut Girl (1a) or Peanut Butter (1b) or even Peanut Butter Girl (1c).  One day at the store I was trying to get her attention and out came Fred (2). Don’t ask me, I don’t know why. She answered to it. And that one stuck, too. It was entertaining to see the reaction of strangers when I would call “FRED!” in public and this cute blond girl in pigtails would answer. Yes, you might have a boy called Sue, but I have a girl called Fred. Like all good names, Fred developed nicknames as well. Fred became Frederica (2a) and occasionally Fred-a-deada (2b). Around this same time she became very interested in princesses and fairies. She loved playing dress-up. Of course I called her my Princess Girl (3)

Some of her nicknames came from friends or family. My Dad started calling her Iverson (4) from the very beginning. When she became sporty, everyone thought she chose it to be like Allen Iverson. Nope, she was Iverson first, well sort of. Anyway that one stuck. At her first day care they called her Ivy Doodle Bug (5). It was cute. Then it morphed into Ivy Doodle (5a), Ivy Doodle Scooter (5b) and Ivy-Do (5c). Like Scooby-Do only different. I recall one time yelling out the front door “Ivy Doodle Princess, time for lunch”! Really? What must the neighbors have thought of us? These, unfortunately – I’m sure you are thinking, also stuck. In fact, she has several sport T-shirts with Iverson and Ivy Doodle on the back. Her young cousin used to call her “I”. Just “I”. And one of her day care buddies called her Hy-vee. Thank goodness these two did not stick.

When asked which is her favorite even she chooses more than one. She thinks Iverson and Ivy Doodle Bug are her top two. Although I really like the sassiness of Fred, here on my blog, she is and will always be Princess Girl.

I hope she doesn’t end up like Sybil.

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