I may sleep through the entire weekend.

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Shew! It has been an eventful week. I’m exhausted.

On Monday Princess Girl tried her hand at working on the stage crew for the high school fall musical. She worked hard and had a great time. The time commitment they are asking for is just too much. There are two sessions per night two hours each. The director would prefer you attend both. There is a half an hour between sessions allotted for dinner in the next room. The veteran crew told her they occasionally work until 11pm when the performance gets close. Even she knew this was not something she could handle with her other activities. In the mean time I picked her up from cheer, went home, cooked dinner and took her back for her one session; then picked her back up again, of course.

Tuesday morning dawned with a trip to the dentist. I did indeed have a chip in my tooth. The dental assistant asked how I chipped it. The dentist asked me how the hell I chipped the side of a front tooth. I had no answer for either of them. Thankfully it was a small chip. No Novocain and a tiny fill. I was in and out of the office in 15 minutes. Tuesday evening we attended an informational meeting held by the local Girl Scout council regarding a 2011, 16 day, European trip. What a fantastic opportunity. They have an awesome itinerary planned. Too bad it would cost just short of ten thousand dollars for the two of us to attend. To rule out the trip even further, they are only taking one tour bus worth of girls/chaperones.  We could not guarantee we would both make the list. I have promised her I would research a trip for just the two of us. Maybe we’ll go for her graduation.

Wednesday, about 11:30 am I realized this was the third Wednesday of the month. This means Princess Girl has tumbling on one end of the county and I have the school Booster Club meeting at the other end of the county at the same time. Normally not a big deal; I hope PG’s grandparents have remembered they are scheduled to pick her up. A quick call revealed they too had forgotten. We’re good to go after the call. I just had to take her early so I could get back for my meeting in time. What a long day.

Ahhh, Thursday. Our one day with nothing scheduled this week. I thought I might even be able to fit a blog post in my day! Would you believe Princess Girl asked if she could go to stage crew tonight since she did not have any homework? Of course you would. She’s 14. She can’t help it. By the time she had designed her locker signs to her satisfaction it was too late to go. Darn. This made the reminder that she was not participating in this event a little easier for her to swallow.

Friday brings Friday night football. I know Princess Girl will cheer her heart out tonight. I can’t wait to attend the game. Wish it wasn’t an hour away.

OH!! I almost forgot. I came home from work on Tuesday to this:

Weeping pine is gone!

Weeping pine is gone!

The poor weeping evergreen has been put out of its misery.

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