There’s nothing like a guilt trip on a Saturday morning.

Okay, I Had to Shoot This Picture

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If you ask them, I’m betting my neighbors would tell you they rue the day I purchased my house. And really, I don’t blame them. My yard is a mess most of the time.

I haven’t mowed my grass in three weeks. Now before you all gasp in horror, we haven’t had any rain in the last three weeks either. The only three week dry spell all summer. What this means is the grass really didn’t need mowed until last weekend. I didn’t have time to mow it last weekend. And you have seen what my schedule this past week looked like. So the grass really needs mowed.

And we’ve already discussed my Buckwheat bushes.

I noticed one day last week while I was opening windows in the sunroom that I have a six foot weed-bush growing along the side of my house that needs to be cut down. Of course it is the side of my house that faces the road so everyone sees it. And I know that EVERYONE sees it. In fact, I was asked last night at the football game how I liked living on the main corner of town where everyone knows all my business.

With Princess Girl’s surgery and everything else that has gone on this summer I have not been able to bring myself to care all that much about the state of my yard. That was until today. This morning I got up and, in my pjs, drove Princess Girl to the cheerleading clinic her squad is putting on for the elementary kids today. I came back home and played on Facebook for a while. I swept the house. I watered the plants. I got back on the computer. That’s when I heard it. That’s when I heard the unmistakable sound of an electric weed eater. That annoying whine sounded awfully close to my open window.

I finished my game of Majong and looked out the back window. I could not see the neighbor in his back yard. I looked toward his front yard. I didn’t see him there either. But, out of the corner of my eye, I could see little green clippings very, very, near my side of the driveway. I scampered quickly to a window closer to the front of the house. Yes indeed, the neighbor is weed-eating the weeds on my side of the drive. Ho boy.

With my guilt laden heart did I go out and offer to help? No. Did I go out and thank him? No. What I did folks, while listening to the sounds of my neighbor working hard to voluntarily make my yard not look like quite such a shambles, is write this blog post.

And now it’s time to shower and go watch the cheerleading performance. I really hope he’s done before I have to drive by him on my way to the high school. Do I have any really dark sunglasses to wear as a disguise?

Really, I am grateful. It is one less thing I’ll have to do when I finally get around to doing the yard work this week. I will thank him later, when I have more time.

When he’s done and won’t expect me to help.

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