High school drama

Princess Girl

Princess Girl

I am feeling stressed and intolerant at work. My job is full of peaks and valleys. This goes for work load, system issues and daily user interaction. I am currently on a peak, and I’m feeling every bit of it. I need a vacation. The problem is I don’t have a vacation scheduled. Tuesday after work, though, I had the perfect substitute of a brownie and the Beatles One on CD going. I could feel myself relaxing. The tension in my shoulders was easing with each passing minute. Until Princess Girl informed me of the high school drama she was subjected to at school that day.

What is it with high school that drama is such an inherent piece of day to day activity? I won’t go into the double standard I see from coaches. Not simply toward Princess Girl but on all levels and all sports. Ok, maybe I will go into it… My child has a passion for your sport. She has made an extra effort and I have spent plenty of money for her to practice and perform on a team outside of school. In other sports that is favored. They like to see the athletes that have extra experience. You on the other hand continually make snide comments about the fact that you are a ‘rural’ squad. You don’t do things the same way as competitive squads do them. I watch you not give her the opportunities that you are giving the other girls. And I am subjected to her frustration every night when she comes home knowing that you are treating her differently. She is 14 after all. Who do you think gets the brunt of her frustration?

As irritating as that is, it is not even what set off my mama-bear radar that night. What really set me off was the story Princess Girl told me about how her day started. She has first hour P.E. (don’t forget to not call it gym – that’s 5 points off). In P.E. that morning she was confronted with the story that if she had injured her ankle so badly that she is icing it twice a day at school she should not be flying during cheerleading. I’m very proud of my Princess Girl. She answered with the facts. She does not have an injury. She has iced one time at school. No activity she performs will affect her ankle one way or the other. Of course this girl, faced with these facts, could only retaliate with “Yeah well all the other cheerleaders agree with me”. The bell rang and they went their separate directions.

Now I feel Princess Girl handled herself very well in this situation. So I’m sure you are asking what the problem is. What set me off if she handled it well? Well let me tell you. There are two details in this whole scenario that have pushed my buttons.

First there is the question of where this confrontational girl got her information. Princess Girl did get ice for her ankle one day last week. One of the other girls, Informant Girl, on the football cheerleading squad happened to be working in the office at that time. Informant Girl has then shared the exaggerated story with Confrontation Girl. Apparently Informant Girl has not heard of HIPAA or other privacy laws. I mean really. The school will not provide me with a list of parent names so I can recruit workers to help in the concession stand during football games. I’m pretty sure we should not be talking about what happens to students in the office to other students.

Second, and this one is good, is the simple fact that Confrontation Girl is… Are you ready for this? Wait for it… Confrontation Girl is not even on the football cheer squad. Thud. That’s me falling over in disbelief. Confrontation Girl only cheers for basketball. She will not be on an active squad for three months. Even better, Princess Girl does not plan to be on the basketball cheer squad. She plays basketball. These two girls will never be on a squad together. So how about we mind our own business? Yeah, not in high school.

I think I need another brownie.

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