Moving up in the ranks.

The wind of freedom

What a fantastic weekend we have just had! Fall is not my favorite season. Summer gets that win. And I typically like spring better than fall as it leads to summer where fall only leads to the bitter cold and shoveling of snow in winter. I have to say, though, that if all fall weekends were like this one I might have to change my tune.

Friday dawned dark, gloomy and raining. Cats and dogs raining. Ugh, that didn’t bode well for the football games scheduled for Friday night. Trust me, the last thing this supportive mother wants to do is sit in the stands in the rain for four hours worth of high school football. Mother Nature was on my side this week. The rain stopped around noon. The clouds broke and the sun started drying up the wet left by the downpour. The temperature climbed. The day ended with perfect, in my opinion, football weather. I brought a sweatshirt and a blanket to cover my flip-flop adorned toes and I was good to go.

Saturday was cool and cloudy. Princess Girl had plans to spend the night with her grandparents. I dropped her at her grandmother’s shop and stopped by my friend Candice’s house for a quick visit. After Candice’s I headed straight home where I immediately got back into my jammies. As if scheduled just for me the Syfy channel was playing a Children of the Corn marathon – ending with the remake of the original that was filmed near here. We were just talking at lunch Friday about our favorite horror movies. Children of the Corn was mentioned more than once. I spent the remainder of my day and evening crocheting and watching scary movies. I finished a WIP (work in progress) that has been hanging around since last spring! But I fell asleep with ten minutes to go at the end of the new version of CotC. Figures.

Sundays are always busy at our house. Princess Girl has tumbling in the morning and a three hour cheer practice for her All-Star team in the afternoon. Then we rush home and get caught up on laundry, football and groceries. This week was slightly different. The JV cheerleaders were planning a stunting practice at one of the girls’ house. After the issues last week with the not-a-cheerleader girl I wanted to make sure PG attended to give the other girls confidence in her abilities. So instead of rushing home to laundry and football (I was already skipping groceries this week), we rushed to another cheer practice. I stayed at the practice and helped supervise their activities. I helped Princess Girl explain two new stunts to the girls – she’s completely incoherent when she gets excited. Overall they had a great session. They filmed their new stunts and plan to show the video to their cheer coach. With a bit of luck, this will show the coach they are capable of stunting without killing themselves. She’s just a little tentative in regards to stunting. You know, like I have a little fondness for the color green. The girls were so excited and proud of what they accomplished. I really hope she doesn’t shut them down and dash their enthusiasm.

We rounded out the weekend with pizza and football on Sunday evening. Look at all we accomplished and enjoyed in these two short days. Fall’s not such a bad season after all.

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