Pass the Depends.

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Oh. My. God. The inevitable has happened. I have been in denial this would ever happen to me. That is typical, I think, of everyone. You hear about it. Other people tell you it has happened to them. But you, like me, tell yourself it will never happen to you. Or if it does it will be on a day far in the future. You just know the reality of it has nothing to do with who you are right now. And then it happens. You deny. You protest. But there is no getting around it.

You are old.

You no longer have the stamina to work all day and party all night without a nap.

Friday was a typical work day. Friday night the football game Princess Girl was cheering at was almost two hours away. Of course I was there with bells on. And long-johns on. And a rain poncho on. And holding an umbrella. Yes, it poured rain for the entire four and a half hours I sat on the bleachers. By the time Princess Girl collected all of her belongings, we stopped at gas station to use the restroom, and I drove back through all the construction I had the pleasure of enduring on the way to the game, we did not get home until Midnight Friday night.

Saturday was a pretty low key day. I puttered around the house while Princess Girl did homework. Then I drug her with me to the grocery store. Her favorite activity ever.  Saturday evening Princess Girl had a baby-sitting gig. I attended a bonfire (thanks Tracy) for a couple hours. Then I headed to a bar in town to hear a friend’s band. I had a great time! The band, as always, was good. The company was great. The people watching opportunities were at an all time high. The band played until almost one. I rolled into bed about two. In the morning.

Sunday morning Princess Girl had her tumbling lesson. Then she had cheer practice. I went to MIP and then watched the second half of her practice. I managed to listen to some of the Bears game on the radio, too. Once home, we ate an early dinner and worked on our weekly laundry. (Thank goodness that is now a mostly Princess Girl chore.) After dinner I was sitting on the couch reading and half listening to the football game on the TV. It was Dallas and Denver so I didn’t care all that much. It was about 6:30 and I was contemplating moving to the computer to write a blog post. The next thing I knew it was an hour later.

What is the single fact that made this a sob story? What is the worst part of the whole weekend? What is the proof that my body had aged? Staying out late two nights in a row causing me to randomly fall asleep on the couch did NOT affect my sleep Sunday night. That’s right. I fell right to sleep at the regular time and slept the whole night through. Even after the hour nap.

It’s a sad sad day.

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    overlooker said,

    I LOVE Sunday afternoon naps! I consider it the opposite of growing old, rather returning to childhood when mommy made me take naps. I also believe sleeping is in my genetics since my maiden name is Vanwinkle. ; ) Embrace the naps…

  2. 2

    […] Pass the Depends. ( […]

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