If I had a million dollars.

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I have always firmly stated if I ever won the lottery there would be no way I would ever go back to work. I’m not talking about The Lottery where the big dirt-nap is the pay out, but the state lottery where you could win MILLIONS of dollars. Most people respond with comments like “I would at least work part-time” or “You would get bored after a while”. I always reply with “The world will never run out of books I haven’t read yet.” If it is someone that doesn’t know me well they usually look at me askance and that is the end of the conversation. If it is someone who does know me well, they get that ‘oh yeah, you read’ look on their face and ask if I really think I wouldn’t get bored with reading eventually. There are a few people I know, my mother, Amy, Chalyn, and a few others, that would totally understand. I am not saying I would not do anything but read. But really, I could easily read eight hours a day for the rest of my life and not get bored.

There are SO many books out in the world that sound so intriguing or exciting or interesting to me I get overwhelmed when I think about it. And that was how I felt before I started reading all these blogs. There are HUNDREDS of blogs about books! There are blogs that are nothing but book reviews. I regularly read LiterateHousewife.  Imagine a software analyst that has a passion for reading. Hmm, sounds familiar. There are blogs by people who write about book finds and to-be-read lists like this one, LeaningTowardtheSun . Oh how I would love to have time to browse thrift stores for new reading material! And there are twice as many people writing blogs about writing books.

And there it is folks. The secret I keep hidden away in a locked box inside my heart. The real reason I would never get bored if I did not return to a 9 to 5 job after winning the lottery is I would actually have time to write. Novels. Yes, plural. I don’t know that I will ever be brave enough to have anyone actually look at them and edit them. But my hearts desire is to write novels. I have successfully completed NaNoWriMo twice so I know I have it in me.

Honestly, the whole reason I started this blog was to get into the habit of writing more often. I thought making a commitment to myself to post a minimum of three days a week would force me to sit at the computer and put words to paper, err Word document. And it has, to an extent. But I find myself getting sucked into the internet. Each night when I get home from work and running Princess Girl to this activity or that sports practice, I sit in the most uncomfortable desk chair in the history of desk chairs. The next thing that happens is a couple games of Bejeweled on Facebook to relax from my day at work leads checking the blogs I follow leads to tag surfing on wordpress. I try to tell myself (and you folks reading along at home) that tag surfing on wordpress counts as research on writing topics. And to some degree it does. Mostly, though, what I find is by the time I think I am in the frame of mind to write, I have spent an hour or more surfing and now it is time for bed.

I need that extra eight hours in my day to procrastinate, oh, I mean write… Too bad I don’t regularly play the lottery.

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