Mea culpa, mea culpa.

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Have you ever worked with or been friends with someone who is always at the top of their game when it comes to humorous comments or the perfect come-back? Their remarks are often the highlight of the work day. If you are not that person at work or in your circle of friends, you likely find yourself envious of their witty repartee as long as it is not directed at you. And you can’t help but laugh even when it is directed at you.

I am not talking about the bozo from the office down the hall without any social skills. You know the one. He thinks he is funny. He is always saying something off color or borderline appropriate. I am talking about the person who truly is funny. The one who has the quick responses you all chuckle over good-humoredly around the lunch table.

I have a friend at work who qualifies in this latter category. In the last several weeks he has had more than a few opportunities to zing me on the subject of writing. He knew I couldn’t resist writing comments on the survey at our company wide meeting. He caught me searching for the perfect word during a team building exercise in our bi-weekly team meeting. There are a few others I have blocked from memory.

At the meeting this week I zinged right back at him. Not very nicely. You see, I am not comfortable with my writing. I am insecure about it. I took my own feelings and wrapped them around each of his comments about me and writing. At this most recent comment I responded with all the pent up feelings I had attributed to the things he said.

I know he does not think disparagingly of my writing. I know he is not intending his words to be a dig at my passion for writing. These are my own insecurities manifest in my interpretation of his words.

I hope he can accept my apology.

This doesn’t change the fact that I want to throw my squishy ball at him when he is playing the bratty little brother role in our group and making me the butt of his jokes. The only thing that stops me is knowing he’d likely keep it.

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  1. 1

    Heath said,

    I’m sure he didn’t mean anything disparaging by his comments. I think that it might be that he is envious of anyone that can write so eloquently and with such passion. I would also think that he would tell you that he admires your vehemence in writing and wishes that he could be so dedicated to something. I also think that the squishy ball might not get kept but thrown back…maybe with the addition of his own.

  2. 2

    overlooker said,

    Amy, you can also write legibly and I’m not sure that could be said about funny-guy there.

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