You can go home again.

Princess Girl

Princess Girl

Ah the joys of the fall season. The cold. The wind. The rain. All of which lead to those other joys of fall. The scratchy throat. The running nose. Homecoming!

Homecoming festivities in our small town culminated at approximately 12:30 am Sunday morning in the un-decorating of the school gym after the dance. Yes, I was an active participant in that final act. I’m not sure how productive any of us were at the end of the three hour dance and an hour of deconstruction, but we got it done.

The festivities began with spirit week at the high school. Each day had a different ‘dress-up’ theme. Princess Girl agonized for days over each costume. Which pajama shirt should be worn on Monday? Oh how she wished for cowboy boots for her outfit on Tuesday. How nerdy could she get on Wednesday? This 50’s outfit just wasn’t good enough for Thursday. Didn’t we know someone with a poodle skirt? Of course these deliberations led to countless phone calls and two trips across the county (one by her mother and one by her loving, indulgent aunt) to gather every thing she needed to have the perfect outfit for each day. That’s her up above on 50’s day.

Then there were the preparations for the dance. The dress? Check. We lucked into that one on clearance last spring. The shoes? Check. A shopping trip solved that one, also on clearance. What about the toes? She IS the Princess Girl after all. Grammy to the rescue; she splurged for a pedicure to match the dress. Of course that meant another trip to town some time this week.

Did that leave her all dressed up with no where to go? Oh, no. Never fear. She had plenty of opportunities to share her delightful couture. There was decorating for coronation as part of the student council. There was performing at coronation as a member of cheer team.

*** Can I interject here and say no one deserved the crown more than the lovely girl who won homecoming queen. Her honest, humble appreciation of the honor was felt by everyone in the room when she was crowned. Congrats again, Claire. ***

A Harley welcome

A Harley welcome

There was the usual Friday breakfast with the team before school. There was the Homecoming parade as a cheerleader. (Thankfully the rain had stopped and the parade was dry.) There was the football game to cheer at in the freezing temps. And what a football game it was! The night started with a JV win. Then the Varsity team was introduced through a Harley motorcade and FIREWORKS! We are talking the big time here. Then the band and cheerleaders each performed their special homecoming performances. The night ended with an exciting one point Varsity win. The football team was now one win away from making the playoffs!

Poor Princess Girl, the cold she had contracted earlier in the week got the better of her Friday night. She fell asleep on the bleachers in the freezing cold and missed the end of the Varsity game. That extra rest was just what she needed, though, as 8am Saturday morning dawned with a trip to the school to decorate the gym for the dance.

In the end the gymnasium was transformed into an aquatic paradise for their Under the Sea theme. The girls all looked beautiful in their dresses. The guys looked handsome in their ties. From the ear to ear smiles and dancing I witnessed, I would say a great time was had by all.

Given all this excitement. With all this activity. During all this fun. Do you think we could spend some time basking in the after-glow? Oh no. Not us. First thing Sunday morning Princess Girl was already planning her dress for Sadie Hawkins in the spring.

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