I can if I want to.

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Would you be surprised to learn that one of the blogs I follow is all about grammar and word usage? Yeah, me neither. Do you have any idea how excited I was when I read his blog the other day and he told me I can end my sentences with prepositions any time I want to? See! Look, I just did. And lightening did not strike me down.

This well known grammatical rule has been the bane of my existence for years. Years I tell you. I learned this rule early in life. I have never forgotten it. I have frequently broken it. I have been told this is because I am from the Midwest. You know, all the illiterate people live here and we all break this rule. Can you see me rolling my eyes here? I have been told it is likely because it sounds too formal and I don’t want to seem elitist in my casual writing. This one I can get behind, to a degree.

But now I know. I have been correct the whole time. This lovely little grammar rule only applies to formal writing. Not many of us have opportunities, or the desire, to write or speak in highly formal settings in this day and age. I will, however, remember to put this rule back into use if ever I meet Queen of England. Or even the President of the US.


Timing is everything:

The preceding post was written over the weekend in preparation of posting it later in the week. And then I visited my handy dandy ‘Blog surfer’ link on WordPress to find that Mr. Upchurch is giving up writing on this particular blog. Isn’t it just typical? You get yourself all excited about a new sitcom on TV and it’s canceled after three episodes. You find a perfect Ben & Jerry’s flavor right before it is retired. You find the cat food that makes your furry little friend stop horking up hairballs and it is discontinued. You fall in love with a word blog and they stop writing it.

On the bright side, less guilt over surfing for more blogs to subscribe TO!

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    John UpChurch said,

    I’m glad that you feel liberated. There are many rules that have become “common grammar knowledge,” but they really aren’t so set in stone or even rules (e.g., split infinitives).

    Thank you for the link as well.

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