In these economic times it’s important to get your money’s worth.

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On Friday, my team took Tina, our supervisor, out to lunch for Bosses’ Day. Did you know Friday was Bosses’ Day? I hope you showed your Boss the appropriate respect and admiration on their Hallmark day. Tina showed us the lovely gifts she had gotten for our CIO, who she reports to. She even let us play with the ‘Boss Toss’ before she wrapped it for him. We were catapulting little plastic boss figures all over cubeville on Thursday. Our gift to her was much less exciting. We chipped in to buy Tina a plant and we let her choose lunch.

The restaurant she chose was a fairly new one near our office. It has been open for six months or so, but I had not eaten there, yet. Of the people I had talked to who had tried it out I had heard two things. One, it was very good. Fabulous, as Tina would say. Or two, it was pricey. On this day I was just along for the ride.

The décor was very opulent. Marble flooring. Dark wood tables. Classical art on the walls. While we waited for our table to be ready I spied the display case of desserts in the front entry. Some of them looked simply divine. There were cheesecakes and fruit crumbles. There were tortes and brownies.

As we discussed the menu and what we were going to order, Joan warned us she was ordering soup and dessert. She did not want us to be shocked when that was all she ordered for her meal. Sounded good to me. The plan would have worked out much better if our waitress had understood what she was asking for. We were all finished with our meals before her dessert was served.

The sandwich I had ordered was very good. And filling. However, as I sat there watching Joan eating her dessert alone, all I could think about were those lovely brownies in the display case up front. When the waitress came by to pick up my check, I caved. I asked her to add a brownie.

Holy cow! That wasn’t a brownie, it was a half pan of brownies! It was a 5 inch by 2 ½ inch slab of chocolate drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce. It increased my bill by $7.00. As I gazed at the dinner-plate covered in sweet, gooey goodness, I figured it was worth it. Then I took a bite. Buyer’s remorse immediately set in. It was more like fudge than a brownie. I love brownies. I’m not a big fan of fudge. It was cold. I really prefer my brownies warm.

I ate maybe a quarter of it, wishing the whole time it was something all together different. Then I asked for a box to take the remainder home. The box was more for show. I didn’t want to look wasteful leaving three-fourths of it on the table when we left. But I doubted it would get eaten at home. I knew how I felt about it. Princess Girl doesn’t eat anything with caramel on it so I knew she wouldn’t eat it either. Oh well, it could sit in the fridge for a couple days and then get thrown out.

Saturday afternoon brilliance struck. I had the amazing thought, ‘I wonder if that brownie would be any better if I warmed it up.’ Not one to let moss grow under my feet when genius is stirring, I cut off another quarter of that brownie and stuck it in the microwave for 15 seconds. What emerged was a melty, gooey, molten BROWNIE-like brownie. Covered in caramel and chocolate sauce. Ah, the heavenly substance I had looked for on Friday had finally been found.

Now THAT was worth the $7.00.

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    overlooker said,

    Thanks for the wonderful lunch and pretty plant. It survived the weekend, but like the peace lilly at home it told me it needed water this morning….and guess what? It perked right up! Yeah, my kind of plant.

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