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Love everlasting. The person that completes you. Eternal devotion. The Yin to your Yang. No matter how you phrase it, it all boils down to the same thing. This is the person with whom you WILL be spending the rest of your life sharing your deepest hopes, dreams and wishes. There is no way to determine when you will meet the person that makes you feel this way. Some people never will.

Most of the teen years are spent thinking your current love is THE one. At least until five minutes after you’ve dumped them, and started dating the next one. I know in high school I thought I had found true love. A minimum of three times. However, I never envisioned spending the rest of my life with any of them. There was no dream of coming home from college in a few years into the arms of the guy with the six inch Mohawk and more eyeliner than most street walkers wear… What was his name, anyway?

It seems, though, that when it came to choosing friends at that point in my life I hit the jackpot. Whether fate or ka or just dumb luck, my closest girl friends from my teen years were exactly the right fit for me – had I only known it at the time.

This summer I celebrated my 20th class reunion. It was incredibly fun to see those who have stayed close to home and those who have moved far away. It was a weekend spent renewing old friendships and creating new ones. My best high school friend, Amy, was one of those who had moved away. I had not spoken to her in over ten years. We had friended on Facebook only about six months earlier. She mentioned she was hoping to come to the reunion, and was looking for a place to stay. I told her she and her daughter were welcome to stay with us. As the boys who seemed to have been the cause of our lapse in friendship were in neither of our lives anymore, she agreed.

We couldn’t wait to renew our friendship. Amazingly, it was like it had been ten minutes since our last conversation, not ten years. No one from our class could believe we had spent that amount of time apart. Within the first 2 minutes we were “The Amys” again. We spent hours talking and catching up just the two of us even after spending the evening with the rest of the class, sharing our lives with them. We stepped right back into the spaces we had left in each other’s lives. She came back to complete me.

Not surprisingly, during the reunion I spent a lot of time in reflection. I saw a lot of people who I had lost touch with. One person I did not see was Erin. She was a year younger, and had changed schools before graduation. I had run into her one LATE night at Village Inn about 12 years ago, but had no idea where she was now. I wished I knew how to contact her.

Ten days after Amy’s visit, I got a new Facebook friend request. The first name was Erin, but I did not recognize the last name. Darn that whole job thing, I was at work on my Blackberry and couldn’t see any details. Could it really be THAT Erin? How ironic would that be? Here I am, wishing I knew how to find her and she looks me up! At home, I logged in to see it was, indeed, her. I immediately accepted the request. That whole ‘Throw it out to the Universe and the Universe will answer’ thing really worked this time.

Catching up with Erin was an eerie déjà vu of catching up with Amy. It is astounding how much we are alike after all these years. Our passion for Disney, we even have the same favorite resort. She says her husband is glad we have reconnected. Now he is relieved of some of her Disney discussions. Our daughters, both are competitive tumblers/cheerleaders. Even our jobs are similar.

I may not have been able to pick a decent boy in high school, but DANG can I pick a perfect girl friend or two.

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