A blog post as scattered as my brain is today.

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I’m tired. I’m frustrated. I am mentally drained and physically exhausted. It’s Sunday morning, November 1st. I had fully intended to get up early this morning. I would take full advantage of the additional hour provided me by setting the clocks back one hour last night. A large dent would be placed in my first day of NaNoWriMo 2009.

So far today I have written zero words of fiction. I still hold out hope that I will get started on writing 50,000 words in 30 days today. Later.

I posted that Princess Girl’s surgery went smoothly. I cannot say that the first week of recovery followed just as smoothly. In fact, we have hit more than our fair share of potholes as we have traveled down this road to recovery.

I started writing about our exploits this past week here. By the time I got through Wednesday afternoon I had (1) an entire blog post in itself and (2) a major problem with the computer. You know, at this point I shouldn’t be surprised by anything that happens this week. It’s definitely a Murphy’s Law week.

So I then spent the remainder of the morning working on the computer. After several scans over the course of several hours I had removed nine instances of Mal-ware and 96 instances of spy-ware. The computer seems to be happy once again.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon helping Princess Girl find a couple suitable plays she can submit to the Speech Team coach for her Humorous Interpretation. Oh, what? I haven’t mentioned that the Friday before her surgery Princess Girl signed up for two, yes two, events on the Speech Team? I think she’ll do great. We found three plays she’s interested in, too.

Then there was dinner. And I managed to pull out about 1100 words this afternoon, too. I have to find at least 500 more before the end of the day. I had intended to be ahead of the game on the first day of NaNo. I refuse to behind on day one.

As for the drama of Princess Girl’s recovery, I’ll post the details later this week.

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