The roller-coaster of recovery – Day One.

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On Wednesday, I woke Princess Girl with her pain pill before she got out of bed. The intent was to keep ahead of the pain. A few minutes later, she got out of bed and crutched her way across the hall to the bathroom. She told me she wasn’t feeling well. She was suffering from nausea. I ran downstairs to get her an emesis basin, just in case. Before I could make it back up the stairs I heard a loud crash. I raced to the bathroom to find Princess Girl face down on the floor between the toilet and the shower. My heart in my throat, I turned her over. She was groggy, but awake. She still needed to go to the bathroom.

I lifted her onto the stool and she completed her business. She was still very groggy. She said she didn’t feel well. She wanted to lie down. She was acting like she was going to attempt to stand on both feet. I told her I would help her get up. I lifted at her armpits; she started to stand on one leg. She was almost all the way upright when she collapsed in my arms. She had passed out again. I laid her down on the floor half in the bathroom, half in the hall.

Was I going to have to call 911? What was wrong with my baby? I redressed her. I wet a cool cloth and placed it on her forehead. She started to come around. I made her eat a few animal crackers. We tried to sit her up. She was immediately dizzy. I called the surgeon. He was very unconcerned. He told the nurse to tell me to call our family physician. I called our family physician. She was dumbfounded that the surgeon would tell us to call her. She told her nurse to tell me to keep her hydrated. If she got worse, or didn’t improve, call the surgeon. Don’t call her, it was a surgery issue.

Tired of the reindeer games with the doctors, I left her on the floor. I made her eat some bread. I forced her to drink some water. I covered her with a blanket; she was freezing. I let her take a nap. Three hours after the first fainting episode she felt well enough to sit up without passing out. Shortly after that, she said, “Mom, I think my cast might be dented”.

Yep, there was definitely an indentation on the cast. I called the surgeons office. Bring her in so a physician’s assistant can take a look. We drive in to the office, 25 minutes away. The physician’s assistant who helps us informs us he was the one that put the cast on in surgery. He recognized Princess Girl. She obviously did not recognize him. He seems surprised to hear she had passed out twice that morning. But he cheerfully told us he was the one that put the ‘contour’ in the heel of her cast. No dent. At least not one caused by her fall.

Truly thankful she did not have to get this cast removed and a new one put on the day after surgery we traveled back home.

What a day this had been. We looked forward to a much less eventful Thursday.

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