The roller-coaster of recovery – Days Three and Four.

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Friday was more of the same from Thursday. Itchy. Elevated. Only now we were tired, too, from a night of interrupted sleep. But our spirits were good. Princess Girl worked on homework while I worked.

Friday night I was looking forward to a good, long, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Princess Girl was too. We were both very tired. At bed time her leg was itching and burning badly. I broke out the hair dryer, set it on cool and aimed it down her cast. That helped some. Although she was disappointed the cool air did not reach all the way down her cast.

At one AM, the crutch was pounding on the floor. Princess Girl was in tears. The itching and burning were so bad they woke her up. I tried to calm her. I lay with her for a while. Every few minutes her entire body tensed in pain due to the burning rash neither of us could reach. I took her in my arms and whispered to her like I used to when she was a baby. She finally quieted and fell back to sleep.

At two-thirty AM, the crutch, again. This time Princess Girl was in near hysterics. The itching and burning had woken her up again. The pain level of the burning was an eight out of ten. I tried the hair dryer trick again. It helped some. I crawled into bed with her again to try to quiet her. Her convulsing body was breaking my heart. Finally, she fell back to sleep. I decided it was easier to stay were I was.

At six AM, she did not have to use the crutch. I was already there when the itching and burning woke her for the third time. We went through the whole routine a third time. She fell back to sleep and I got up for the day. About an hour later she woke for the day, too.

Saturday morning was VERY crabby. We had been cooped up together non-stop for five days. We were both tired. I tried to take on a household project that was not going well. She was itchy. I had to make an executive decision. I forced both of us to go to bed and take a nap. An hour later we both felt refreshed, at least as far as sleep went. When Princess Girl got up from her nap I took a fresh peek at her rash. Instead of getting better, it was worse. A lot worse.

We had to go to the Convenient Care. The doctor diagnosed an allergic reaction to something used to prep her for surgery. He prescribed a stronger cortisone cream and oral benadryl. And follow up with the surgeon on Monday. Great.

I cannot express how happy I am that the prescription and benadryl are helping immensely on the rash on the outside of her cast. The benadryl even seems to be quieting the inside rash some. I also cannot express how pointless I believe the call to the surgeon will be on Monday.

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