The roller-coaster of recovery – Days Four and Five.

cast_sawSunday was a rinse and repeat day. Itchy. Elevated. Popping those pink and white Benadryl capsules like they were Mike and Ikes. She had also been complaining for a day or so about a random sharp stabbing pain in the back of her heel. Just tough it out, Princess Girl, soon you’ll feel better. I promise.

We did manage to sleep the whole night through. I think it was pure exhaustion.

Monday morning I’m watching the clock. At 9 AM I call the surgeon’s office. I make sure I call the one in Iowa as I know that’s where his office hours are on Monday afternoons. I talk to the office nurse. I tell her we’ve been to the Convenient Care and they want us to follow up with Princess Girl’s doctor today. She tells me she will happily deliver the message when he gets in this afternoon. And someone will call us. Yep, played this game before; I know all the rules.

About 45 minutes later the phone rings. It is the receptionist from the Convenient Care. They have thoughtfully called the surgeon’s Illinois office and made us an appointment for this afternoon! After the initial confusion of ‘Oh you called? Then why on Earth did you send us home with discharge papers telling ME to call?’ I was happy to take the appointment they had arranged. Maybe it would have some meat behind it.

I called the Iowa office back and explained that the CC had already made an appointment for us. She could disregard my earlier call.

So we’re at the office where the doctor isn’t. You know where this is going, right?

Our appointment is in the Cast Room. The first thing they say is, “So you are normally seen at the Iowa office?”

Umm, no. Did you look at her chart? “No, why?”

“Well you were there on Wednesday. Did she have this rash then?”

“Oh, when she fell and we thought she might have dented her cast? We went to Iowa because that’s where the doctor was that day.”

“She fell?” Very concerned. “Did you show them the rash then?”

“Yes she fell. The rash did not appear until Thursday. The next day.”

Tired of the Who’s on First routine, I tell Princess Girl to pull up her pajama pant leg. They get one look at the portion of the rash peeking out of the top of the cast and immediately change their tune.

“Oh that’s really bad. The doctor is in Iowa today. We’ll have to call over there and ask what he wants to do.”

That’s fine. Take your time. We’re not going anywhere.

The phone is right around the corner from where we are. There is no door. I hear one of the cast tech’s call the Iowa office. She tells them she has a patient of Dr. P. there and she would like to speak with his nurse. She’s put on hold. After about five minutes, I hear her telling whoever is on the other end that she works in the IL office. She’s on hold for Dr. P’s nurse. No, she hasn’t gotten to talk to her yet. She gets put on hold again.

Finally, she is talking to the nurse. She says, “No. The rash is BAD.” (Her emphasis, not mine.) “It IS from the surgery, it is all down the cast.”

“Thank you!” I call from around the corner.

The other cast tech leans around the corner and says, “No mom, you’re not crazy.”

Thank you! Finally, some validation. I’m not suffering from Munchausen’s by proxy. I do know a little bit about health care. I do know what is going on with my own child.

Of course we have to wait for the nurse to go talk to Dr. P. and call back to tell us the verdict. The call comes in. We are removing the cast and going into the boot. Still no weight bearing though!

The cast comes off, very painfully. That darn cast saw vibration is murder on a fresh surgery incision.

“Oh how horrible!” Is the reaction from the peanut gallery when they get a good look at her leg without the cast. Literally every millimeter of her leg from knee to ankle is covered in red raw rash.

WonderMom to the rescue. I’ve remembered to bring both the benedryl and the ointment with me. We lather her up. We drug her up. And we are on our way home. Princess Girl says the boot is much heavier to keep up in the air than the cast was. I tell her; sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad.

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