The roller-coaster of recovery – Day Six.

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Tuesday morning we work on our routine of medications, removing the boot, lathering with ointment, putting on clean gauze and putting the boot back on. All before she gets dressed in clean PJs. We are both glad to see improvement on the rash already. She complains again about the pain in her heel. The boot’s off, we might as well take a look.

I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV. But I’m pretty sure that looks like the beginnings of a pressure sore. She has a dime sized area of white skin on her heel where the rest of the skin is a healthy pink. I tell her it was probably from her cast and should start feeling better now that the cast is off.

Sure, sounds good in theory, right? By that evening, poor Princess Girl is in agony. AGONY. I have her take a pain pill before we even start with her evening rash treatment. I give it a good half hour to kick in. I remove the boot. Her actual surgery site hurts. The rash is itchy and burning. The white, pressure sore, area on her heel is now the size of a half dollar. And really really sore. She says she has both a constant pain at a level 8 of 10 and a sharp stabbing type pain at a level 8 of 10 in that heel.

And here is where I start my rant. You can come back in a few minutes when it’s over if you don’t want to witness the mess.

Do you want to know where this pressure sore is on her heel? It is in the EXACT SPOT where the dent in the cast was. You know the one we went to the office to have them look at. The one they said was NOT caused by her passing out and falling. And the reason they knew it was not from her fall? BECAUSE THEY PUT IT THERE ON PURPOSE!! And then ignored me when I thought it might cause an issue. Do you have any idea what I would like to say to her physician right now? Or to the site supervisor? Yeah, it would not be pretty.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

An hour and a half after taking the pain pill she is crying and still at a pain level of 8 of 10 for both issues on her heel. Her surgery site is a 6. Her rash is itching and burning. I do what any self-respecting mom would do. I gave her another pain pill. Keep in mind Princess Girl only weighs about 95 pounds.

Within an hour her eyes were getting glassy. She was rubbing her eyes. Her pain level had not gone down, but she was nearing a coma state. I tucked her into bed and let her enjoy a drug induced full night’s sleep.

We have to be nearing the end of this journey, don’t we?

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