The end of the ride – almost.

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Needless to say, Princess Girl got a much needed good night’s sleep that night. In the morning, her pain had lessened considerably. We both felt well rested and capable of handling whatever life decided to throw at us.

Fortunately, this day seemed to be the turning point in her healing process. The cortisone and Benadryl were working to clear up the itchy rash. The surgery site pain was under control. The pressure sore had even gotten a little smaller over night. She was not ‘well’, but she finally seemed to be getting better. Each day since then has been better still. She is still having occasional pain both in the heel and in the surgery site. She is still had a couple itchy spots here and there. Overall, though, we can see and feel progress.

At the two week mark she had a follow up appointment with the surgeon. We were surprised to see Princess Girl’s grandmother’s vehicle in the parking lot of the doctor’s office. Inside we saw both PG’s grandma and her aunt. How’s this for irony? Her aunt is seeing the same surgeon. Her appointment is at the same time. She learns she is going to have to have surgery on her ankle from an injury at work.

The surgeon is running very behind. We sit for almost an hour waiting for him to come in to see us. Be assured I gave the nurse an ear full of all the problems and issues we had dealt with over the past two weeks. When the surgeon does come in, he takes the bandage off Princess Girl’s ankle. He manipulates her ankle briefly. He has a smile on his face. He seems pleased.

He asks Princess Girl if she remembers the exercises she did during physical therapy on the other ankle. She looks at him like he has just sprouted horns and green warts all over his face. She is silent. I attempt to help her by prompting, ‘Remember? The range of motion exercises…” She is now looking at me like I sprouted horns. The doctor however looks pleased again. She may have no memory what so ever of the two and a half months of therapy she endured over the summer, but obviously mom remembers.

He tells us he thinks she will be ok doing therapy on her own this time. She can bear weight in the boot now. She can even have to boot off at home, and bear weight as tolerated. He’ll see us in three weeks.

We are almost a week into weight bearing and home physical therapy. So far, so good.

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