I’m trying not to laugh at your misfortune…

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You know you are not having a good day, or series of days, when someone tells you they are TRYING not to laugh at you. And the drama you are going through. Actually the entire statement was “I’m trying not to laugh at your misfortune, but seriously.” I agree. Seriously.

Princess Girl spent the night with her grandmother on Saturday night. I woke up on Sunday morning and headed straight for the computer. Hey, a girl’s got to get her Facebook fix in. Cut me some slack. A couple games of Bejeweled later, I decide to get into the shower. I was feeling chilly. I knew a hot shower would warm me right up. On my way to the shower I glanced over at the thermostat.

64* Crap. No wonder I’m feeling chilly.

I take my shower. Once I’m warm and toasty, I grab the flashlight and head to the basement. Ok, the furnace is so far outside my realm of knowledge I can’t even begin to determine what the problem might be. I can tell that the fan is running, but that’s about it. I call my cousin. I ask her and her husband their advice. I can’t even figure out how to remove the access panel over the phone, but they’d be happy to come out and look at it with me. They come out and we do figure out the access panel. Mike determines the igniter on the thermal-coupler isn’t working. It’s Sunday. I call and request service first thing Monday morning. We have a space heater. It’s not 20 below. We’ll be fine. If worst comes to worst, I think, Princess Girl can always sleep with me.

She started off in her own bed, but about 3AM she was crawling into mine.

Monday morning bright and early the guy is there to fix it. He replaces exactly what we thought was the culprit and the heat kicks right on. And the fan keeps running and running. He tells me the processor is bad. They don’t have the part in the shop; they’ll have to get one in town. He’ll be back later. But the good news is I’ll have heat until then.

About an hour later the heat stops working.

I snuggle up with the space heater until he calls back around 2pm. He’s got the part. He’ll be right over. “What?” he’s shocked. “You don’t have heat?” He’ll get me fixed right up. He replaces the second part. The heat kicks on. I can feel it beginning to get toasty warm in my house once again.

About an hour later I leave to pick Princess Girl up from school and run an errand. When I return home… You guessed it – NO HEAT. I cranked the thermostat up to 75* and nothing. No fan, no heat. Of course at this point it is after hours again. I leave a message asking them to please come first thing in the morning as we are without heat yet again.

A very kind friend brings over three additional space heaters. Princess Girl is thrilled. She will get to sleep in her own bed! And still be warm! I thank my friend profusely. Princess Girl takes one of the heaters to her room immediately. I plug one into an outlet on the other side of the living room. I turn it on. I walk away. All the power goes out.

Crap! I’ve blown a fuse. But I can see the lights are still shining upstairs. PG is all good. I unplug the second heater and go down to flip the fuse. I’m smarter than the fuse box (or so I think). I take the heater into the next room. I’ll plug it in there; the heat will still be able to reach the living room.

I plug it in. I turn it on. I walk away. All the power goes out.

Crap, crap and more crap! Apparently, the main floor can only handle one space heater at a time. Oh well, at least Princess Girl will still get to be warm in her room tonight.

I post the latest update on Facebook with the disclaimer that “You just can’t make up this shtuff.” It was at this point when that same very kind friend responded to my comment on with “I’m trying not to laugh at your misfortune, but seriously.” Yeah. Exactly.

The guy shows up first thing Tuesday morning. “What? You don’t have heat again? You are making me feel bad.” Gee, dude, how do you think I am feeling right about now?? He tells me there is yet a third part that is bad. Of course they don’t have it in stock. Of course they will have to go into town to get it.

He returns later that morning with the third new part. And I have heat again! I wonder how long it will last. So does the heating guy. He tells me, “I’ll call you later this afternoon to make sure you still have heat.” Gee, thanks.

At this point, I think I basically have a brand new furnace.

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    Cool post, I didn’t thought reading it would be so amazing when I looked at your title with link!!

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