Time crawls when you’re not having any fun.

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Little kids have no concept of time. I remember being little and learning to count down to trips or birthdays by how many sleeps away the event was. This got even more exciting when I no longer had to take naps. That cut sleeps in HALF! I have had a couple experiences lately that have made me realize Princess Girl has not really grown into her concept of time yet.

The first was earlier this summer when she had been grounded from her cell phone for inappropriate time usage. I told her she would earn it back by good behavior in other areas over time. It was five or six days later when she asked me if she had earned her phone back yet. The poor girl was shocked it had not yet been a week. She had a couple more days of good behavior due to me before she could have the phone back.

The second occurred this past Wednesday. I sat on the couch working on my NaNo. She had been upstairs working on homework. She came downstairs to get a snack. On her way back up the stairs she stopped about half way up. She peeked over at me through the gap between the handrail and the ceiling.

“Hey Mom,” she says. “When do you think we can release me into a tennis shoe?”

Huh? What? Are you talking a foreign language? “Into a tennis shoe? Instead of your boot?”

“Yeah, last time the physical therapist released me. Since we are doing the therapy at home are we going to be able to release me to a tennis shoe?”

“A tennis shoe? You can’t do gym (oops, two points off of my daily grade) yet.

“Duh. I can’t RUN yet. But I think I’m ready for a tennis shoe. Look at this,” She rapidly points and flexes her toes. “Wa-BAM!” She moves her foot left and right. “Wa-BAM! Wa-BAM! Look at that mobility!”

Yes, she is a dork.

“That is really good dear. You are making a lot of improvements. We will have to talk to the doctor before we can move you out of the boot and into a tennis shoe.” I’m stalling here.

“Can you call him tomorrow?”

“Princess Girl, it has only been ONE WEEK since you were released to walk with the boot on.”

“A week?” Disappointment flashed in her eyes like a neon sign.

“Yes, only one week. Let’s wait another week and see how it goes. Maybe I’ll call him next week.” I add silently – You know, Thanksgiving week when he’s likely to be on vacation with the office closed. And then your next appointment is scheduled for the following week. Magically we’ll be able to wait until then.

“It really has only been a week?” She muttered and shook her head in surprise all the way back up the stairs.

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