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Do you think there is a phobia for specific days of the week? I am sure there is. I should Google it. I don’t think my feelings for Tuesdays qualify as a true phobia, but it has become apparent that I do have a fear of Tuesdays. This is a new fear. It has only developed in the last few months. It coincides very neatly with the start of this blog.

When I started this blog I committed myself to posting three days a week. I had done some research, and I knew from personal experience with the blogs I read on a regular basis, if you don’t post on a set schedule – or at least on a regular basis – you would never develop a readership. I picked Monday Wednesday and Friday. That gave me a good range of days and enough days in between to get the posts written even if life got in the way and I had no time to write for a day or two.

Then I got the brilliant idea for Thousand Word Thursday. That bumped me up to four days a week. But that was still manageable. The picture of the week was something I could research ahead of time. I could schedule a couple of them at a time. And it was something fun and different.

Thousand Word Thursday worked so well I thought I needed to figure out a hook for Tuesdays. If I found a hook, that would give me a post for every weekday. And if it was a good enough hook, I would still only have to write three posts a week. If it was good enough, like Thursdays, Tuesdays would write themselves. But I’m all about alliteration. And cheesy puns. I had to have both the hook and the title. Without it, I could not force myself to commit to writing this additional post every week. My fear was being unable to come up with enough content for another post.

The problem? I could not find the hook. I could not find the title.

The result? I am afraid to commit to Tuesdays.

Maybe someday.

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    Candice said,

    OMG……I might have an idea for you about Tuesdays. LOL I’ll make a blog post about what made me think about it…and then email/call you. 😉

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