Playing hide and seek.

Walmart on Black Friday
Image by joanieofarc via Flickr

Princess Girl is a Christmas baby. Her birthday is not actually on Christmas, it is three days before. But we came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve when she was born; that is close enough for me. I have always (overcompensated) tried to make sure she did not feel slighted on either her birthday or Christmas. I have heard stories of other people who had late December birthdays. They all talked about one combined present or small gifts for each event. I figured if her birthday was in June she would make out like a bandit. It should not be any different in December.

This is why I start Christmas shopping in June. Or sometimes even January if I find a good sale. With birthday presents and birthday parties and Christmas presents for the whole family you really have to spread things out.

This past June my friend Sharon-Anne introduced me to Even better, she introduced me to during a WOOT OFF! Talk about good deals. I purchased a couple of Christmas presents that day. Of course it was early July when they arrived. Not exactly the perfect time to wrap them in Santa paper and place them under the tree.

Like any experience parent I have several good hidey places in my house where gifts wait to be wrapped. Now that Black Friday is nearing, I have been looking in my hidey places and taking stock of the gifts I already have. I also have updated the ‘who is getting gifts this year’ list. It shifts slightly from year to year, you know. I am taking stock of what I still need to buy so I can plan my after-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza!

So I’m checking my hidey places and checking my list. I’m thinking about the shopping I’ve done throughout the year. And re-checking my hidey places. And looking for new hidey places I may have made that I don’t remember. And checking my hidey places again.

You see where this is going right?

Those lovely gifts I purchased during the WOOT OFF are no where to be found. No where. I have even made up places to look – that cupboard above the stove? Maybe they are up there! That drawer in the side room of the basement – maybe they are in there. (Hey, that’s where the winter boots are so anything is possible.)

I have searched high and low. I have searched on multiple days. Princess Girl and I both remember when they arrived because I showed them to her. Neither one of us have any idea where they are now. I am hopeful they will show up when I start digging out the Christmas decorations.

I’m guessing they will show up as soon as I buy replacement presents. Or the day after I GIVE the replacement presents.


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