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Wednesday Princess Girl and I went on an adventure. It was the annual Fine Arts trip for her school. I got to tag along as a chaperone. The trip included the bus ride to Chicago, shopping downtown, a show, dinner and the bus ride home.

We rushed around the house that morning gathering items to keep us busy on the trip. Princess Girl brought her ipod, her speech to practice and some coloring pages and of course her camera. I was happy with my ipod and Kindle, of course I had to switch to a bigger purse so I could get by with only one bag.

The buses left the school parking lot at about 8 AM. We were on bus 2. Bus 2 decided to watch the movie 4 Christmases on the way up. At FULL volume. Thank God I had my ipod to block it out. When I opened my Kindle as the bus started rolling, I realized the book I was currently reading was a little steamy for high school if anyone happened to read over my shoulder. So I quickly changed to another, PG-rated, book. Good thing I had the Kindle! I read all the way there. PG said she practiced her Humorous Interpretation. I am sure some fun was also had.

We arrived in Chicago at 11 AM. The bus dropped us off about three blocks from Water Tower. I was starving, but the group we were with was not hungry yet. So we passed by the Hersey store and The Disney Store and headed straight for the mall. After an hour and a half of shopping the girls finally decided they were hungry. We were going to go to Subway, but they could not stop shopping long enough to actually leave the mall. Besides, Princess Girl really really wanted to stop at The Disney Store and we would have to pass it by to go to Subway. We ended up eating pizza by the slice at the mall.

(I am not a big fan of Subway anyway. But I have decided I am going to have to learn to like it because they are opening one up three seconds from my house!)

After lunch it was time to meet the bus to head to the show. Princess Girl still wanted to stop at Disney. I told her she had approximately four minutes to spend in the store. That worked great until we were ready to leave and she found out the stuffties were buy one get one AND on sale. We got a new Christmas Pooh and Christmas Stitch, but ended up about 10 minutes late for the bus (with another mom and daughter pair). We were in big trouble. The teacher in charge of the trip called my cell, but I could not get it out of my purse fast enough to answer. Good thing we were only 10 seconds from the bus when we left the store.

Shew! That was a close one. We made it to the theater in plenty of time. I made PG apologize to the teacher for being late while we waited for the show to start.

The show! Wow! We saw Jersey Boys. It was fantastic! The staging and scenery were unbelievable and the singing was superb. I really can not say enough about it. It is still playing until Jan. 11. If you can, get up to see it. You will not be disappointed.

After the show we had to walk about two blocks to the bus. This was Princess Girl’s first day out of the boot. (OH did I mention, PG was release from the boot? Not up for full activity yet, but definitely a step in the right direction!) Anyway, it was her first day out of the boot and her ankle was stiff and sore coming out of the show. So I did what any loving mother would do; I had her carry my purse and I carried her piggyback to the bus.

(For those of you who don’t know she is only about ½ an inch shorter than I am. Although she’s a good 30 pounds lighter at this point.)

Approaching the bus I saw the teacher taking attendance on our bus. You guessed it. We were the last ones on the bus yet again. This time I had the excuse of having had to carry PG. Some of the others on the trip saw us and confirmed our story. The teacher laughed.

The bus took us to an area where there were several restaurants. We choose Ed Debevics. The food was good, and plentiful. The waiter was not TOO obnoxious. I think we, and the other three groups of 11+ from our bus that came in shortly after us were too obnoxious for them on a Wednesday evening. Oh well. After dinner Princess Girl and two others wanted their picture taken with the waiter. A crowd was gathering in the entrance, we were both tired and I was NOT going to be the last one on the bus AGAIN. She had a minor meltdown and we left without the picture.

On the way back to the bus she stepped on a broken piece of sidewalk and twisted her ankle. That’s one very fast way to cure a meltdown. My poor Peanut Girl was hurting pretty bad. So, once again I slung her onto my back and carried her the remaining block to the bus. “But mom! I wanted to get a picture of the Hard Rock!” She mumbled through her tears. So we managed to line up the photo op with her on my back.

What a mother will do for her child!

At the bus the teacher had her list in hand and was getting ready to board our bus for her final roll call of the trip. I hustled the last few steps. “At least this time we were on the bus before you!” To make us look even better, there were still several people not yet back from dinner. We had managed to be EARLY. Please take note. It may not ever happen again with PG in tow.

We left downtown Chicago at 6:30 PM. I could not believe all the traffic both in and out of the city. Boy am I glad I do not have that commute. Our bus watched Star Trek on the way home. I watched the movie instead of reading this time. That bus driver had to be just hauling a$$. We made it back to the school in 2 ½ hours! We barely had time to finish the movie.

Overall it was a wonderful day, tiring, embarrassing and long, but wonderful!

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