Lost and Found.

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I spent almost six months last year without a watch. My wrists are very small and I could not find a watch that I liked that was not so big the face spanned my whole wrist. I tried to convince myself that like many people in this day and age I could just use my cell phone instead. I always had it with me, what was the need for an additional time piece?

While this clearly works for other people, I hated it. I missed having a wrist watch. So I started the hunt once again. I went through two or three $10 watches that were just ok. At least I had a watch on my wrist. But they were $10 watches.  They lasted only a couple of weeks each before the band broke, or some other part stopped functioning. During our annual trip to Disney this spring I had my eye out for a new watch there. I finally found one I liked that could have enough links taken out that it would fit. The best part was the face held a very cool Princess Minnie design! Yay!

In August the clasp started coming loose. I came back to the office from getting lunch one day to find my watch no longer on my wrist. I found it on the ground in the parking lot next to my car. The clasp had come loose and the watch had fallen off and I had not even noticed. After that the clasp started coming loose on a regular basis. I have spent the last four months constantly reclosing the clasp or hearing the watch hit the floor as I am walking. It is making me crazy!

I asked my cousin about it and she said just get a new watch. It would not be worth it to try to get the clasp replaced. But she does not know about the six month struggle to find THIS watch.

The other day I was getting ready for work and realized the watch was missing once again. I started the half panicked search. I looked on the floor. I looked under my pillows. I looked under the blankets. I looked under the bed. My watch was no where to be found.


While looking under the bed I noticed something tangled up with the blankets at the foot of the bed. What is that? Oh! Look! It is a box. A box with WOOT.COM printed all over it!


At the cost of my watch. I was not sure this was a good trade off since I had already written these presents off. But hey, what can you do? Fortunately, as I was putting my phone in my purse to head to work I discovered my lovely silver Minnie watch tangled in with my wallet. How it got there I haven’t a clue. But I’m glad now it was temporarily lost so I could find the missing Christmas presents.

I still need to get that clasp fixed.

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