A Christmas memory.

A Christmas minstrel playing pipe and tabor.
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Tina took us out for our annual holiday lunch yesterday. I love this tradition we have built as a group. We enjoy each other’s company and some really good food. This year we even managed to snag the Wine Room.

I think it was a good thing we were in a private room; the flying monkey was a little loud. And leave it to the IT folks, we snagged a local wireless connection and piped in our own Christmas music through Pandora. I was a little creeped out by the knowledge that our waiter was keeping his eye on us over the security camera. Although it did mean he kept up on our drinks.

As we perused our menus Dave asked, “Amy, what did I get last year?”

I told him it was the Farfalle Alfredo.

When they served Jen a chicken Panini instead of turkey someone asked, “Didn’t you have to send your food back one other time?”

I told them it was the year we sat by the doors to the back room. They forgot the no onions request. It was the same year Dave liked the waitress and that other guy still worked with us. I did not mention that was the same year as the Red Hat ladies. But it was.

The next year we were in the far back room. It was not nearly as remarkable of an event. Although that was the year Dave tried my Farfalle suggestion. And it was the first year I convinced everyone we needed to order dessert so I could have the chocolate chip banana bread. Yum.

Good naturedly, they all harassed me about remembering even the weird details about everything. They don’t realize each of them mention odd little things they remember too. I’m the one with the steel trap. I told them I know it is why they keep me around. I’m better than a notebook some days.

I wish that would help me remember what I meant to get at the store when I’m standing in the middle of an aisle while my list is still at home on the counter.

Thanks again for lunch, Tina. It was FABULOUS!

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