A life of gratitude.

Snow avalanche

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I can not claim that I manage to live this philosophy all the time. But the last few days have been very grateful days. It started Wednesday evening, and continued right through Thursday.

It has been a pretty snowy winter so far this year. We had two big snows in December and are coasting through the tail-end of the first one of the New Year. I am sure you would not be surprised to learn that I had to shovel myself out of those first two snows by hand because I could not get the snow blower to start. Yeah, not fun. But I have come to realize fairly typical of my life with yard equipment.

I mentioned my snow blower dilemma to some friends over the holidays. Kindly Steve offered to come pick it up. He and his son, Princess Girl’s best buddy, would take a look and see of they could fix it. I was thankful.

I did not hear from them for several days. This surprised me, but I was busy with the holidays and figured they were too. Steve called on New Year’s Eve to tell me they had good news and bad. They had been able to get the snow blower started, but it would not stay running. They were willing to try a few more things, but likely I would need to take it to a professional.

I was at the DMV writing the check for Princess Girl’s permit so the call was short. I promptly forgot about it. Then they started forecasting 4 to 8, no maybe 5 to 8 or was it 6 to 9 inches of snow (don’t you just love weather forecasts?). That brought the status of the snow blower front and center in my mind. Before I could call to ask for a status update on Wednesday the doorbell rang. It was Steve. He had brought my WORKING snow blower back just in time for the snow the next day.

I was SO thankful.

And then, when I asked what I owed him for all his work he said, “I’ve got about $8.00 in it. You can get it to me some other time.” And he left.

I could have kissed him! But he’s married. And I like his wife. I will have to take them both out for drinks or dinner to thank them properly.

Thursday morning dawned with a fresh blanket of snow over everything. I was not about to brave the 100% snow covered roads, not to mention that blasted bridge. I worked from home. This allowed me to put off clearing the driveway until the afternoon. I was hoping the snow would stop, but I finally gave in.

I bundled up and headed out with the running snow blower. I had just made my first pass when my friend Pat drove by. I didn’t notice him until he was whipping his truck around in the driveway across the street to come back to my drive.

He saw me as he drove by and came back and plowed my whole driveway! What would have taken me close to an hour with the snow blower, he accomplished in just a few minutes. He left me with the energy and ambition to clear the sidewalks and stairs that usually get neglected.

He rolled down his window to let me know it was ‘the best he could do with this big truck’. I thanked him and told him he was my hero.

And I meant it.

I was, and am, so grateful for these two acts of kindness. I literally could feel my heart swell. My whole body felt lighter like a weight I did not know I was carrying had lifted. I can’t imagine how euphoric this feeling would be if you lived a life of gratitude all the time.

For now I have to work on finding the motivation to clear the additional inch of snow that has fallen on the drive before I go to work on Friday morning.

Maybe after that I can be grateful to myself.

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