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Princess Girl competed in her first All-Star cheer competition of the the season on Sunday. Her squad did a great job. They ended up with third place. (Although all of the parents agreed it should have been second.) I am very curious to learn more about the scoring process. I will have to do some research…

After the girls were whisked away by their cheer coach for warm-ups, the parents gathered together in a show of solidarity for our team on the bleachers. It was at this point that realized I had forgotten my kindle at home. Ugh. A whole bunch of waiting to watch Princess Girl cheer and nothing to read.

I spent some time chit-chatting with another cheer mom. I watched some of the competitors in the session before Princess Girl’s. And finally, I dug out my Blackberry and caught up on some of my RSS feeds.

RSS feeds are a wonderful thing. The only problem? I add them where-ever I find them. That means I have a hand full of blogs I follow saved to the RSS feed on the desktop at home. There are a different set saved to the laptop. And there is yet a third different set saved to my Blackberry. This gives me variety, but is a real pain when I want to look at a blog that is not saved to the device I am currently on and I cannot remember the web address.

One of the blogs I follow on my Blackberry is Monda over at No Telling. I LOVED her post from Saturday. Not only is she witty, but the information she shared about Word Warriors struck a chord with me. Some of the words she mentioned are some of my favorite words!

Even better was the site given in one of the comments to her post. Do yourself a favor and check out the free rice site. I can see how I will be spending all my free time at work now.

On my first try I hit 14 out of 17.

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