Surprise ending.


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They say the definition of insanity is performing the same act in the same way over and over and expecting different results.

Friday night Princess Girl headed off to bed at 10PM as usual. For the 942nd time, I snuggled back down on the couch with the local news channel on. I was going to stay up only long enough to catch the weather before heading to bed myself. For the 942nd time, I watched the first approximately three minutes of the local news and then woke up an hour later.

I sighed with frustration. It would be yet another morning of checking the weather on the computer. You would think failing to stay awake until the weather aired for previous 941 nights would convince me to just go to bed when Princess Girl does. You would think, as long as the weather is available on the computer anyway, I would settle for the full night’s sleep.

You might think that, but apprarently you would be wrong.

So just before 11:30 Friday night I woke on the couch, turned off the television and carried my water glass to the kitchen. I poured the remainder of my water into the sink and movement out the window above the sink caught my eye. I looked. I looked again. There were no lights on inside the house. It was dark. I had just woken up. I rubbed my eyes. And I looked again. My eyes were not deceiving me.

There was a freaking coyote sauntering through my yard.

Man they are sneaking slinking nasty looking animals. He acted like he owned my yard. He was less than 20 feet from my house. It really kind of creeped me out.

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