Hot tub by a lake

Image by Andrei! via Flickr

Princess Girl had medical appointments* so I had to take a vacation day Thursday.  I read for nearly three hours at the hospital, waiting while she was poked and prodded. She said both tests were painless and no big deal.

School was cancelled do to an ice storm that passed through on Wednesday, so on the way home we stopped at Wal-Mart to get groceries. This was fortuitous as she has a cheer competition on Sunday, our normal grocery day. At home she studied biology while I made lunch. After lunch we went our separate ways, her to her bedroom and me to the couch in the living room. Our plans were to read for a bit then nap.

Our beautifully laid plans were executed with success!

We napped for about an hour each and then read for another hour. Later that evening, we did some stretching and then got into the hot tub. She showered and then we had leftovers for dinner.

Even with the tests and spending the morning at the hospital it was a much needed relaxing day for both of us. Both my mind and body feel rejuvenated.

I wonder how I could work a day off in the middle of the week into every week.

 * There will be more about Princess Girl’s health issues in the weeks to come.

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