What a busy weekend!

On Friday afternoon we came home to a notice in the mail that Princess Girl’s submission to the Illinois PTA’s Reflections has been selected to represent our district at the state competition! Way to go Princess Girl. There is a Ribbon Ceremony we will be attending next week.

Of course Friday night meant a basketball game. A home game thankfully. Princess Girl cheered well. It was also the culmination of the ‘Lil Kickers’ cheer clinic for the elementary girls. They performed their dance/cheers with the big girls at half time of the varsity game. Everyone did a great job.

We won’t discuss Princess Girl’s epic failure at being home on time from hanging with friends after the game. I wonder how many times in her lifetime I will have to say ‘you have to be responsible for yourself because if you don’t someone else will and the results are never good when someone else assumes responsibility for you’ before it really and truly sinks in?

Saturday morning Princess Girl had Speech Team practice for the play she is involved in for Regionals. After I dropped her off at the school I got my oil changed, when to the bank, balanced my checkbook and filed my taxes! Shew! A busy morning, but VERY productive.

After practice we worked on chores and homework, and then it was time to go to tumbling/pre-competition cheer practice. It was here we picked up my cousin’s daughter. Princess Girl was babysitting and they decided to spend the night at our house for a change of pace.

Saturday night I forced myself out of the house and went down to the local bar where an old friend’s new band was playing. I am glad I did! The band sounded great. Being a local event, it gave me the opportunity to catch up with all my local friends and acquaintances that I’ve missed with our recent busy schedule. Even better, I ran into a high school friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years (and his girlfriend). What fun! It was great to catch up with him, and I got to make a new friend of her, too!

Sunday Princess Girl had a cheer competition in Peoria. We were competition ready and out of the house by 8:30 AM. The team’s performance was awesome! They raised their score from the competition two weeks ago by 9 points. We are all very proud.

We got home around 6PM Sunday night and I was exhausted. I think the late nights and early mornings catch up with you quicker as you age.

The only thing I did not manage to fit into my weekend the invitation to Cande’s house to Stitch and Bitch. It has been far too long since we have spent the afternoon together with our yarn. I have to make time for that soon.

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