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As 2009 wound down and the New Year ramped up, many of the blogs I read were discussing their reading accomplishments for the year.

(I am not going to tell you which blogs those were because it seems like every time I mention a blog on here the owner of said blog announces their blogging retirement, posts about how they are not going to be posting regularly to their blog any more or just plain disappears off the face of the earth. Each time this happens I find myself having to go out and hunt up new web reading material. And I have to tell you the whole process is getting old. So, you’re going to have to take my word on the fact they were discussing their reading statistics.)

Anyway, several bloggers I read were discussing their stats. You know things like how many books in total they read and how many pages were in those books. How many women authors and how many men. How many were actually read and how many were audio. You get the picture.

(Although I am still not convinced listening to a book counts as READING the book. I am preparing to venture into this realm for the first time. I had asked for some Stephen King audio books for Christmas. So we’ll see how I feel after I’ve actually listened to a book. I may change my mind. Stranger things have happened.)

All these stats made me realize I have never even kept track of my current reading lists. To the point where sometimes I would spend an hour at the library trying to figure out if I was on book three or four of a series. And then I’d go home with a book, I realized much later, that I had already read. This idea of a book log was genius. I can’t believe I never thought of it. I was wishing I had a list of all the books I had read in 2009.

And then the light bulb turned on. I may not have the list for the entire year, BUT I have everything I had read since I received my Kindle! Yet another plus for that awesome little device. So I fired that puppy up and started compiling the books on it. That gave me 50 books from May 15 forward. Not too shabby. I figure that gives me between 75 and 100 total for the year.

I’ve already started logging this year’s book list. I’m on my 6th book this month. My goal is to read over 100 books this year. I am sure I can do it.

Through all of this thinking about reading, I cannot get the thought out of my head that most people these days don’t even read one book a year. I can’t even imagine how bored I would be. 

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    John said,

    I have made a concerted effort in the last year or so to read as I had in the past. Decades of intertubes usage had totally destroyed a habit that I’d had since a pre-teen and into early adulthood. No way in the world could I ever read 100 books in a year, even then.

    I’ve had some success in restoring the habits of old, although I’ve found I’ve little patience for fiction these days with two exceptions. I’ve begun to chew through things I’ve known about all my life but never read (I hesistate to call them classics), my current being Sherlock Holmes stories by Doyle. Many other things that most Lit people take for granted I’ve always put off as ‘some other time’. As always, the to-read list grows faster than the done list.

    The other area I’ve found that I enjoy is historical fiction. I love history greatly, yet I’ve always avoided the mixture of history and fiction as being ‘not the facts’. That is until I picked up ‘Imperium’ by Robert Harris which has my interest piqued for more of his works.

    I’ve enjoyed rekindling the reading habit, yet I approach it quite a bit different than I had before. As a youngster I’d just devour whatever book I was on in many late night bleary eyed sessions. 1000 pages, no problem, 3 days. Now though I tend to be reading 3 or 4 volumnes at any given time and usually cannot read for more than 30 to 45 minutes straight. It takes me a few weeks to finish any given work that way.

    Nearly everyone I know under the age of 30 is aghast that I read anything outside of schoolwork. It boggles their mind to contemplate doing something so boring. Yet when they talk about ‘Jersey Shore’ or ‘American Idol’ or whatever the current flavor, I’m the one that becomes bored out of my mind.

    Kids these days, with their music, tv shows, and clothes, and …… Hey, get off my lawn before I get out the garden hose!

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      aseeofgreen said,

      And you said I was the only one that was getting old. Ha!

      I have always been a reader, but I am a one book at a time kind of girl. I just can’t keep track if I have two or three different books going at the same time. I too have gone back recently to start reading some of the ‘classics’ – Dracula, Little Women, etc.

      I have tried to instill a love of reading in Princess Girl, but it’s just not there. She likes to read when she thinks of it, but reading is almost always the last thing she chooses. I’m not sure how to change that.

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    Doe said,

    I follow your blog and noticed you mentioned Stephen King audio books. Althought I don’t do the audio myself, it puts me right to sleep, I did want to say I just finished King’s HUGE new book, Under The Dome, and it was pretty good. You have to like his writing to appreciate him, but it was a pretty enlightening novel in the end.
    Have a great day!

    • 4

      aseeofgreen said,

      I am a pretty big King fan. I will probably buy Under The Dome as an actual book rather than on the Kindle as I already have a substantial library of his books.

      Glad to hear you liked it.

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