Finding your passion.

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Monday in our bi-weekly team meeting, my supervisor shared a topic that had been covered at a recent leadership retreat. The talk focused on renewing yourself and bringing yourself back to center. You can’t do nearly as much for others if you are emotionally or physically drained yourself. This is something everyone knows deep within themselves and the topic resonated with all of us. I could see, and feel, each member of the group nodding their head in agreement at different points.

One of the steps in this list of ways to center yourself was to find your passion/know your bliss. Heath immediately questioned the difference in the two words – passion and bliss. (One of his passions is hammering out all the details.) Since we hit on one of my big passions – words, I jumped right in. Although the two words, at the most basic level, mean the same thing – happiness, they come at that happiness from opposite sides.

Passion is the fiery heat of happiness. Passion makes your body strain towards its source. It is loud and frantic and messy.

Bliss is the calm cool feeling of joy. Bliss makes you melt. It is quiet and soothing and tidy.

Passion is a rabble-rouser while Bliss gathers you in her skirts.

Are you wondering how do these things fit with a business topic? It is simple. So many people in the world today are miserable in their jobs. They dread going to work each day. Each Sunday afternoon they sink into a deep depression at the thought of Monday approaching. Maybe this is you. Finding your passion or knowing your bliss is the solution to these feelings.

Look deep inside yourself. What are you passionate about? What brings you that soothing feeling of bliss? Do you love to help people? Do you want to solve problems? Do you love words? Or details? Once you have found your passion apply it to your job. If you can’t find a way to apply your passion to your current job, find a job where you can apply it. Once you do you, and everyone around you, will see and feel the difference in your work effort. You will become content in your job. Really, it will happen.

Even if you don’t believe me, it can’t hurt to try it. Besides, this close to Valentine’s Day everyone needs a little more passion in their lives. Tell me, what are you passionate about?

Me? I love words and problem solving. And parenting.

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    […] Finding your passion. ( […]

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    Doe said,

    I love your definition of Passion and Bliss. So eloquent and so true…
    Me…you’ve made me want to find my passion and/or bliss. I’m working on that. thanks!

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