A Valentine’s Day recap.

Valentine postcard, circa 1900-1910

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Single or a couple. Alone or together. Valentine’s day has always been a momentous holiday in our family. It was the day my Grandmother was born.

This year she celebrated her 90th birthday with a large family dinner, gifts in her honor and some pretty funny cards. The cards were passed around the table and brought at least a chuckle if not an outright laugh from each of us.

Later in the evening, Princess Girl went off with her ‘not’ boyfriend to enjoy some teenage Valentine’s festivities. Unfortunately for her, she had to have a pretty early curfew. Even though, in honor of President’s Day, there was no school the next day I still had to get up for work.

Once they left the house I quickly changed into my jammies and spent the rest of the evening on the couch enjoying Olympic pairs skating and moguls on TV. I cannot even begin to describe how much I enjoy watching the Olympics. These athletes are amazing.

How did we spend the rest of our weekend? Well, Princess Girl participated in Sectionals for her school Speech team in Northern Illinois on Saturday morning. Her group got 6th place and we are very proud of them. After she performed we got in the car and drove about 140 miles south and west to Iowa City. She then competed with her cheer team at the Hawkeye Cheer and Dance Championships. Her cheer team got FIRST PLACE and raised their score by 5 points from the score they received at their last competition.

Overall, a fantastic weekend.

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