Getting ready to sing.

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Ugh. Anyone have any elastic waist pants I can borrow?

  • Saturday evening we ate at Old Chicago after Princess Girl’s cheer compition.
  • Sunday evening we ate at Texas Roadhouse (very mediocre, but still ate too much) after Princess Girl’s other cheer compition.
  • Monday evening a friend took me out to dinner at Los Agaves for my birthday.
  • Tuesday evening I finished off Princess Girl’s leftovers from Old Chicago.

I think I could survive a month on a desert island on the food I’ve consumed in the last four days!

On a less food-filled note, I spent a wonderful birthday Monday with Princess Girl. I took the day off work and she did not have school. I just love Casimir Pulaski for creating a 3 day weekend for my birthday. We enjoyed sleeping in and then we shopped ’til we dropped. She got a great new outfit (gift cards from Christmas and her birthday). She got me a pair of cool earrings. And I bought myself a pair of sassy new sunglasses just in time for spring.

While we were out she found the most adorable Prom dress she won’t get to wear. The not-boyfriend is now officially the boyfriend. I’m ok with it, he’s a great kid. But her school has a rule that no underclassmen can attend the Prom. Period. So he’ll go by himself and she’ll stay home still lamenting the fabulous dress she didn’t need.

Speaking of places she won’t get to go… Princess Girl’s ‘group’ will be attending the midnight opening of Alice in Wonderland this Friday morning. She had me almost talked into letting her go until we discovered she has a biology test Friday at school. Her biology class is tough and she will need all the rest and study time she can get before hand. She will have to settle for seeing it Friday evening.

In them meantime she can read her biology notes as she rolls me from room to room.

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