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Oh, sorry. Channeled London Tipton there for a minute.

It has been yet another busy week in the Amy and Princess Girl household. This past weekend we attended a couple cheer competitions. School softball practice has started – two hours a day. The school cheer team is having an end of year party. The competitive cheer team is doing a performance at the Miss Blackhawk Valley pageant this coming weekend as their coach gives up her crown.

AND, we ordered Princess Girl’s class ring yesterday. It’s going to be cute, and suit her to a T. Of course, since she is allergic to all metals except real gold, it’s also going to cost me a small fortune.

While we were discussing what size we thought she was going to need I said this is something we wanted to get exactly right. Mine was always too big and I had to wear it on my middle finger rather than my ring finger. In fact, I still wear it there. When the ring guy heard I was still wearing my class ring he asked from what school. “Here.” Of course he then wanted to see it. I took it off and handed it to him, telling him not to mind how dirty it was and that the stone was chipped.

He looked it over for a few seconds and said he was probably the one that sold it to me since he had been selling class rings at Princess Girl’s school for 31 years. He then tells me, “We can replace the stone on this if you’d like. It would be no charge.”

Like I’m going to say no to that! So, I filled out a form for myself while Princess Girl finalized the choices for her ring. They are going to replace the stone, redo the finish and clean the whole thing up at no charge. It will be shipped back to me at home in a few weeks. That will off-set the cost of Princess Girl’s ring a bit.


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