Another new adventure, or two.

Do you ever get anxiety regarding the dependability of the Postal Service? I do every time I place something time sensitive or emotionally important in the mail. Like Girl Scout Camp or College for Kids forms where getting your first choice of sessions is dependent on the timely receipt of your application. We’ve done those a time or two.

Or the Junior Zookeeper application I placed in the mail this morning. Not only is the application time sensitive, but Princess Girl is highly emotionally invested in getting accepted into the program. Placing the envelope containing her application, essay and letter of recommendation with the rest of the outgoing mail gave me a serious twinge. What if it gets lost in the mail? Even worse, what if they get it and still don’t call her for an interview.

Cripes it is harder to be a parent every day.

And then there is the other new adventure Princess Girl seems intent on trying. I believe, folks, we are about to enter the world of Pageants. Yeah, pageants, as in Miss America Pageants.

Princess Girl’s competitive cheer coach was the Miss Blackhawk Valley Queen for 2009. On Saturday she gave up her crown to the new queen for 2010. The cheer team had given so much support for the coach last year, the pageant board asked if the team could perform as part of the celebration of the 2009 year.

The performance was really good. And the pageant itself was enjoyable. We were, but probably should not have been, surprised to realize that we knew nearly half the contestants for both Outstanding Teen and Queen. Some from Speech Team contests, some from school, and some from Princess Girl’s former dance lessons. It was remarkable how similar these girls were to my little Princess Girl in interests and activities.

And Princess Girl was enamored. Immediately. Of course her friend ET who placed 2nd runner-up in the Outstanding Teen competition was full of encouragement. Two days later, she has yet to stop talking about it so my guess is we will be beginning pageant interview lessons very soon.

Really, if you look on the bright side, this will be just another excuse to shop for fancy dresses.


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