Random thoughts on a Friday

Mermaid Syndrom

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1. I’d rather be napping or shopping than working today.

2. Sports practice at 6am for children who can’t drive is torture for parents.

3. I have plans for both tonight and tomorrow night that (so far) do not conflict with any parental duties. (Go me!)

4. I’m thinking about joining a new reading challenge (Fairy tales, fantasy and mythology) that starts this weekend.

5. I’ve had a headache for days – I really need to get a massage AND visit my chiro.

6. Teenagers are both a joy and a frustration.

7. I’m sad that we are probably going to have to miss the Eagle Scout Ceremony because of cheer practice.

8. I am not looking forward to cheer practice this week, and the drama that will ensue.

9. I’ve noticed my blog receives way more random traffic if new posts are published at 8:30 rather than 7:00.

10. People who are full-time single parents have no time to date.

Have a great weekend!

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