Elvis has left the building.

LAS VEGAS - MAY 25:  Elvis Presley impersonato...

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My mom and step-dad are spending a long weekend in Las Vegas. From everything I’ve seen and heard the trip is going well. Fun is being had by all. The first I heard about their plans was when my mother posted on Facebook, 6 weeks ago, that she was booking the trip. I immediately commented that I would love to go. She proceeds to tell me that there is a group of friends going and one of the other members of the party has already booked the trip.

Gee, thanks for thinking of me.

I got over myself and wished her a great trip. I do have the high school music department trip I am chaperoning as consolation, you know. Yeah, exactly.

So this weekend was the big event.

The first update I got of the trip was Friday night. She called each of her daughters from the airport to check in with us and let us know they had arrived on the first leg of their trip without incident. Well, except for the part when checking in the attendant told them they were leaving out of Gate C5 and my step-dad confirmed B15. Perhaps a hearing check is in order.

Next, I received a text message on Saturday afternoon. Now, their entire party consists of two married couples and two heterosexual single men who have been friends, and gambling buddies, for years. The text message stated that Witt and Burns’ room was a King and both married couples got two doubles. Hysterical.

Saturday night, around midnight, I received a picture message from my step-dad. The picture was of my mom and a lovely Elvis impersonator. Looks like fun is being had for sure.

Sunday evening I received a text from my mom that ‘Witt says hi’. Yeah, great. Had you invited me he could have told me in person. But I’m not bitter. Much.

Anyway, they return sometime this evening from their trip. I am sure there will be lots of funny stories to hear. It will be entertaining to live vicariously through them for a while. And I do still have the music trip coming up. No matter how sarcastic I can be, I am looking forward to that trip.

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