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Last weekend,

 (well it would have been last weekend if this had posted when I thought it was going to, but now it was two weekends ago)

 Princess Girl and I, along with 39 other teenagers and 8 other adults traveled by charter bus to St. Louis. Fortunately, St. Louis is a relatively short trip. We did not even finish the second movie on the way down. Of course, the first movie was Princess Girl’s worst nightmare – The Dark Knight. The Joker really creeps her out.

This three day trip was planned by the band and choir directors for the high school music students. It was a short and relatively inexpensive trip. Mainly so they could ensure the trip actually happened. (Unlike the trip to Orlando the previous band director supposedly planned last year.) The school did not want another year of disappointed students whose fund-raising efforts were for naught because the entire trip fell through. Thankfully, this trip did went off without a hitch.

The trip was jam packed with activities. There was a visit to the Life Science Center and the City Museum on the first day. Both were very cool in their own ways. The Science Center was, of course, very educational. Princess Girl and two friends did an experiment that extracted actual DNA from wheat germ. The City Museum contains an adult-sized playground with jungle gym and slides both indoors and out.

The only downer to this day was when Princess Girl was climbing through the outdoor jungle gym and her necklace got caught. This sent The Tall One’s class ring flying through the air… and into the adult sized ball pit. Chaos ensued. Mr. T offered a reward for the strangers in the ball pit to assist in finding the ring. Princess Girl was in a near panicked state. After about five minutes of searching, one of the cast members called down to us from the catwalk above. The ring hadn’t actually made it all the way from the two story tunnel she had been traversing to the ground floor ball pit. The cast member had found it on the catwalk in between. Thank Goodness.

Visions of replacing a class ring quickly put a damper on vacation planning.

Once that crisis was resolved the rest of the trip went fairly smoothly. Princess Girl re-sprained her ankle. I was tripped at the symphony (don’t ask) and wound up with several lovely bruises. But the performance at the symphony was fabulous. Every single person on the trip experienced the journey to the top of The Arch. The performances of the band and choir at Union Station sounded magnificent.

Best of all, everywhere we went – from the hotel, to the restaurants, to the symphony, to the museums – the staff had nothing but good to say about our students. I knew they were good kids. I knew they were on their best behavior. But it sure was nice to have those we interacted with agreeing with our vision of our children.

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